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Background of Accentuate Ltd

  • Accentuate Ltd is a South African company that invests its focus into construction and infrastructure development. The company is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange ’s AltX. The company has been on the JSE for 10+ years.

  • In essence, Accentuate consists of a group of companies that specialise in water treatment, chemical blending, industrial and commercial cleaning, metal treatment and flooring. The company is proudly South African with connections across the globe that are leaders in their

  • Accentuate was founded in 1953 and has a whole host of subsidiaries, namely FloorworX Africa, Safic, SOuthern Supplies, Safic Black Empowerment and more. Accentuate has 5 regional offices, 2 factories, 4 warehouses, 5 showrooms and 2 laboratories.

Accentuate Ltd Shares Growth Driver

  • Accentuate’s growth can be placed within the perspective of a few key aspects. Firstly, the company has been able to survive decades of trade within an unforgiving and sometimes, hostile, South African market. Since 1953, Accentuate has been able to consistently supply the market with the essentials within their trade. Today, Accentuate is a well-established company that provides the full spectrum in water treatment solutions (chemicals equipment and turnkey projects included), chemical and cleaning equipment solutions and ultimate flooring solutions.

  • Accentuate’s essence revolves around responsibility, care and quality. The company maintains these philosophies within all aspects of their trade. Accentuate constantly pursues excellence with regard to the products and services they distribute to the South African market. Their ability to maintain a moral code of ethics in this manner, has assisted Accentuate to become a powerhouse within the niche industries it finds itself in.

  • Even though business conditions have been quite tough, Accentuate continues to drive towards sustainable trade, while being conscious of its environmental impact. Furthermore, the company compliments its sustainable trade with innovative ideas – ever in the pursuit of advancements.

Accentuate Ltd Group Investor Tip

  • Accentuate’s ability to push a sustainable business model within tough business conditions, has established the group as a suitable investment partner. The company’s dogged commitment to paving a way forward, places it within a contestable position within the foreseeable future.

  • The company also consistently adopts key and relevant policies that assist them to attract more business within their industries. Their environmentally responsible and other trade ethics are both aspects that attract significant benefits, especially within a modern context. Due to these reasons and their ability to do a successful job, Accentuate is a company that appears worth looking into.

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How to buy Accentuate Ltd Group Shares

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