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AdBEE Limited

Background of Adbee Rf Ltd

  • AdBEE (RF) Ltd. is a part of Adcock Ingram, a leading South African pharmaceutical manufacturer that is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Adcock Ingram was first listed on the JSE in 1950. Adcock Ingram started out as a pharmacy in Krugersdorp and due to new product development and excellent marketing skills, its founders built it up into a nationwide distributor of pharmaceutical products. It has since acquired major shares in pharmaceutical companies up in Africa and has opened a branch in India and Kenya. The company is the proud developer and owner of the well-known anti-inflammatory Myprodol.

  • AdBEE is part of a BEE scheme between Adcock Ingram and Ad-izinyosi (Ad-i). It was established on 27 July 2015 with the purpose of issuing AdBEE securities to scheme participants. These securities are listed on the JSE in the specialist securities section under “ADE”. Ad-i co-exists with AdBEE and is owned by a consortium of black businesses and Adcock Ingram eligible black employees. It is a registered company in South Africa and owns roughly 15% of the total Adcock Ingram issued share capital.

Adbee Rf Ltd Shares Growth Driver

  • Adcock Ingram supports the concept of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE). They believe that it is an important part of developing South African business. As such, they have been running BEE schemes from the inception of BEE. In July 2015, the AdBEE scheme replaced the previous BEE scheme.

  • This scheme was established to give Adcock Ingram a bigger platform for growth. The company believes that it will increase their ability to participate in public and private sector opportunities. The scheme also enables black business partners and Adcock employees to benefit and contribute to the company’s growth.

  • In line with its policy on BEE, Adcock Ingram will keep on releasing shares to Ad-i, so that AdBEE can build up to own 30% of Adcock Ingram. The company is dedicated to the future of South Africa and they believe in putting the wealth of the country in the majority’s hands. The company values teamwork, respect, development and integrity. They strive to keep their transactions transparent. The company provides feedback on development and business results to their stakeholders and investors and believes that keeping their record clear will help them to grow their business.

Adbee Rf Ltd Group Investor Tip

  • The South African business market is at an interesting point where more and more of the wealth is being distributed to the ethnical majority. This should be seen as positive growth and must be supported by the upcoming black middle class. Securing shares in a BEE scheme such as AdBEE is a safe base to grow from.

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