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Background of AECI Ltd

  • AECI was first registered in 1924 as African Explosives and Industries (AE&I). The company’s headquarters can be found in Johannesbrug. AECI was formed due to a merger between Nobel Industries of the UK and the manufacturing sector of De Beers Consolidated Diamond Mines of Kimberly. AECI’s primary purpose was focused on supplying detonators to South African gold and diamond mines. AE&I was also the only producer of phosphatic fertilizer. AECI was renamed to African Explosives and Chemical Industries (AECI) in 1944. The AECI group has over 7900 employees and consists of 17 businesses.

  • AECI operates in the following segments in the market: mining solutions, speciality fibres, speciality chemicals and real estate. The group operates at a number of South African manufacturing sites, namely, Johannesburg (mining solutions and speciality chemicals), Sasolburg (speciality chemicals) and Durban (speciality chemicals). AECI operates in mining, water treatment, plant and animal health, food and beverage, infrastructure and general industrial sectors

  • AECI now operates as a speciality product and services group that specialises in providing customers with a value-adding solutions that are done through their expertise in industry knowledge, technology and science – with a focus on the mining and manufacturing sectors. The company operates both on an international and local level.

AECI Ltd Shares Growth Driver

  • AECI’s ability to spread its business operations across Africa, Europe, South East Asia, North America and Australia has been instrumental in the group’s ability to grow its business trade and expand its ability to attract a better.

  • AECI has achieved far-reaching success in, what it calls, the top 5 pillars of the group’s trade (mining solutions, water & process, Plant Animal Health, Food & Beverage and Chemicals). This speaks volumes with their ability to optimise business trade with in varying major sectors. Operating at a highly profitable level in any sector is a challenge, AECI does so in five, which prove’s the group’s ability to take a big challenge headon.

  • Being able to operate profitably in various sectors, while also maintaining a strong international presence, requires an extremely savvy and stable level of leadership. The leadership qualities of the company has helped it to sustain and optimise their existing portfolio, which is an
    instrumental recipe in the success of any profitable company. AECI’s savvy and stable leadership has boosted the company to hone a internationally renowned group that has lead to a market capitalisation of R12.2 million.

AECI Ltd Group Investor Tip

  • AECI’s share is currently enjoying a positive upwards trend that will be a motivating factor to possible investors. The company’s share promises to see even further positive inclines as AECI furthers its operations within multiple market sectors. Their ability to tap into various markets on an international level should see even more improved business growth for the group. The group’s ability to innovate places further emphasis on their ability to sustain and improve growth within mining, water treatment, place and animal health, food and beverage, infrastructure and general industrial sectors.

  • Sector

    Mining Solutions

  • Industry

    Mining, water treatment, plant and animal health, food and beverage, infrastructure and general industrial sectors

  • Sub industry

    Real Estate

How to buy AECI Ltd Group Shares

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