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AEEI shares

Background of AEEI

  • African Equity Empowerment Investments (AEEI) was established in South Africa in 1996, as a majority black owned and controlled investment holding company, with
    AEEI shares first listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in 1999. It is a subsidiary of Sekunjalo Investment Holdings, a private equity firm with extensive
    interests in the online, publishing, healthcare, telecommunications, financial servicesfishing, enterprise development and travel industries. All of Sekunjalo’s investments (apart from 55% ownership in Independent Media SA) were spun into the newly named AEEI in April 2015. Black ownership is at around 80%.
  • AEEI’s model is based on seeking above average returns in their portfolio, whilst having positive social impact on the African continent. The Group states that it is committed to the “upliftment of previously marginalised groups by creating employment, emphasising development and transferring of skills”.
  • A rocketing AEEI share price has seen the company being rated 13th overall by Financial Mail as one the top companies to buy into on the JSE. AEEI boasts a market capitalisation of more than R 1 billion, whilst supporting Broad-Based Black
    Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), particularly small, medium and micro enterprises. Many large and small businesses view the company as the premium BBBEE partner, including multinationals such as Saab SA, the Pioneer Food Group and British Telecoms South Africa. AEEI has recorded remarkable performance gains in recent years, making AEEI shares one of the best to buy today.

AEEI Share Growth Driver

  • AEEI has a history of sound management, capital gains and success which is both qualitative and quantitative, despite ongoing global financial crises. AEEI is ranked
    tenth overall for its Sustainability Data Index, by Integrated Reporting and Assurance
    Services, an independent body which evaluates the governance and reporting of the
    JSE’s Top 500 companies. It has also been rated second overall in the Financial
    Services sector of the Top 500 JSE-listed companies. This good governance has
    been a major growth driver, and the company has set out clear goals for the future
    with its Vision 2020 strategy, which aims to buy into further growth opportunities and
    deliver consistent value to shareholders. The company has declared good dividends,
    which it hopes to pay consistently to shareholders going forward. In South Africa’s
    current transformational climate, AEEI has become one of the major players in
    establishing efficient BBBEE strategies, and should continue to do so in future, which
    will undoubtedly boost AEEI share price further.

AEEI Investor Tip

  • The live online stocks chart shows that AEEI share price has increased
    by more than 600% over the past five years, and most shareholders can expect good returns due to the company’s diversified nature and continued acquisitions. The company has a confident forecast for the future. Trade of AEEI shares has increased dramatically, and the shares are one of JSE’s surest bets for purchase.

AEEI Major Shareholders

Sekunjalo Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Miramare Investments (Pty) Ltd.
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    Asset Managemant

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    Investment Companies

How to buy AEEI Shares

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