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Background of African and Overseas Enterprises Ltd

  • African and Overseas Enterprises Limited is a men’s clothing and apparel company that has been listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) since 1948. The company has a controlling share in the Rex Trueform Group, which is a group that invests in the retail and property industries.

  • As a group, African and Overseas Enterprises Ltd designs and sells ladies’ and men’s clothing, shoes and fashion accessories. The company has well known retail outlets in South Africa, Namibia and Kenya. Queenspark and J CREW are the flagship clothing retailers owned by the company and are respected and sought after brands. The Queenspark Plus collection, as well as the Aura for Queenspark and Cath.Nic clothing lines provide elegant fashion wear that are up to date with international fashion trends.

  • Currently the group has around 750 employees that are governed by values such as integrity and responsibility. It is the company’s belief that customer focused hard work is what gives the company value and that by supplying quality clothing with a smile will keep the company growing.

African and Overseas Enterprises Ltd Shares Growth Driver

  • The company’s main operations are the Queenspark retail chain, of which there are 72 stores in operation throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Founded in 1980, Queenspark have been designing, manufacturing and distributing quality, elegant ladies’ and men’s clothing lines in South Africa. Queenspark has a wide variety of both men’s and ladies’ wear, from informal and casual clothing and accessories, to fashionable formal wear.

  • The company is dedicated to their clients, customers and shareholders. Queenspark retailers train their staff to treat clients with respect and care, to make sure that each customer has an enjoyable shopping experience. They believe that word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best ways to win over new clients, so they make sure to provide the highest standards of service for every customer that walks through their doors.

  • African and Overseas Enterprises aims to keep growing their retail store chain throughout Southern Africa by expanding their presence in countries outside of South Africa. It is their aim to be a destination store when it comes to fashion and fashion accessories. The group wants to make their customers feel beautiful and confident. They are passionate about designing and producing quality clothing for all.

  • Through its share in the Rex Trueform Group, African and Overseas Enterprises dabbles in the property market with a small portfolio of retail buildings in and around Cape Town. With their main focus on expanding their clothing line, the property fund takes the backseat and is governed with caution and reserve.

African and Overseas Enterprises Ltd Group Investor Tip

  • African and Overseas Enterprises is a company that has adapted with the times, keeping their apparel in fashion and well sought after. With continued expansion of their retail chain into Sub- Saharan Africa, the company has an elegant future in fashion.

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    Consumer Services

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    Apparel Retailers

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