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Background of Afrimat

  • Listed in the Construction and Building sector of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Afrimat Limited is a black-empowered, diverse company supplying materialsresources and contracting services for sale to industries such as mining,construction, road and rail. The company’s history stems back to the mid-1960s with the merger of Prima Quarries in the Western Cape and Lancaster Group in Kwazulu-Natal. Afrimat shares were subsequently listed for sale and on the JSE in 2006. The group has managed to buy businesses such as Exarro’s Gen Douglas, SA Block, SA Clinker and the Malans Group. Its latest acquisition was the R276 million purchase of 100% of the issued share capital of Cape Lime, with the goal to widen Afrimat’s reach across South Africa.
  • In addition to supplying materials such as aggregates, concrete products and industrial minerals, Afrimat has a strong presence in contracting services such as drilling, blasting, mobile crushing and screening, giving it flexibility beyond its fixed areas of operation. The group also services major infrastructure and construction projects for a range of enterprises, from large public and government-owned entities, to small private sector clients.
  • Market cap stands at over R3 billion today, with the company yielding good dividends to investors who buy the share. Despite challenging economic conditions, strong competition and commodity pricing pressure, Afrimat share price is five times higher than it was in 2011.

Afrimat Shares Growth Driver

  • In the current economic client, Afrimat has had to deal with a decline in large government projects and an increase in small projects being awarded through efforts to enhance job creation.
  • The company’s performance strategy is based on its diversified portfolio, which acts
    as a risk hedge for shareholders. Despite a reduction in large government projects,
    Afrimat churns out good returns from smaller projects. Afrimat has a proven understanding of entrepreneurial decision making in a performance-driven
    environment, balanced with the controls required from a JSE-listed company. A continuous emphasis is placed on establishing new products and markets, with
    Afrimat establishing quarries in Mozambique and planning to buy into the rest of
    Africa. The company backs up its diversification strategy with a conservative balance
  • Afrimat also boasts a low staff turnover which has resulted in a deep skills pool, while staff transformation and community upliftment are also integral to the company’s success.

Afrimat Investor Tip

  • Having earned an excellent reputation amongst shareholders, investors and customers, the purchase of Afrimat shares is regarded as a wise investment. The company has achieved remarkable financial success over the years, which is clearly evidenced by its rising Afrimat share price on the live online stocks chart.
  • Despite a challenging economic environment, Afrimat ’s prudent strategic acquisitions
    have placed the company on an upward projectory. The forecast is good, and a strong record of sound management should boost Afrimat share price.

Afrimat Major Shareholders

Afrimat BEE Trust, F du Toit Trust, Korum Trust and Old Mutual Investments (Pty) Ltd.

  • Sector


  • Industry

    Construction Materials

  • Sub industry

    Non Wood Building Materials

How to buy Afrimat Shares

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