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Background of Alaris Holdings

  • Alaris Holdings (previously Poynting Holdings) is a defense and specialised technology company which was listed on the AltX section of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in 2008.

  • The company comprises two subsidiariesAlaris Antennas and African Union Communications. Alaris Antennas focuses on the design, development, creation and sales of military and specialisied antennas, which cover direction minding, jamming, monitoring, counter-RCEID and communication applications. Other products include Log Periodic Dipole Arrays, as well as supporting RF equipment. African Union Communications (Aucom) expands Alaris’s portfolio to include multi-channel free-to-air and pay TV solutions to operators throughout Africa. Aucom specialises in adapting equipment and digital platforms according to client requirements. The group is also planning to purchase 100% of Finnish antenna company Cojot in 2016.

  • Alaris Holdings has nine product lines with 632 products, and more than 30 distributors in South Africa, Africa and abroad. The group gets about 75% of its revenue from overseas clients, mainly from the Americas, Europe and Asia. The company’s financial performance and Alaris share prices have therefore received a significant boost due to foreign exchange gains. Operational profits, capital and revenue have all been consistently increasing year-on-year.

  • In recent history, the company has capitalised on online technologies such as 3G, Wi-Fi, 4G, GSM, LTE and HSPA to boost the efficiency of its specialised equipment.

Alaris Holdings Shares Growth Driver

  • Alaris’s position in a growing global defense industry has accounted for excellent year-on-year growth, reflected in impressive financial data. The group’s latest financial report shows that cash generated from operations increased 43% (from R 12.3 million to R17.6 million) for the second half of 2015, with cash and cash equivalents increasing from R 74.4 million to R 99.6 million. The cash flow chart was given a huge boost by net foreign exchange gains of R 15.4 million.

  • Expertly drawing on increasingly sophisticated technology, Alaris is becoming a global player in the niche specialised defense antenna market, and is seeking to further expand their international footprint. The acquisition of Cojot, (a Finnish company which develops wide-band antennas and accessories for mobile tactical communication and electronic warfare) is expected to boost the group’s presence in European markets. The company also plans to buy American company ARA to enter into the US market.

  • The purchase of Aucom was only completed in 2013, and the company is still in the process of being fully integrated into the group. Aucom has however been registering
    the expected data and performance, meaning that Alaris is well positioned to further explore the burgeoning digital content and distribution market.

Alaris Holdings Group Investor Tip

  • A growing global presence and a dominant position within a niche market is likely to prove hugely beneficial for Alaris share prices, especially considering the current weakness of the Rand. An acquisitive action plan and a strategy to further diversify should bode well for the future growth of the company, meaning a good return on investment of Alaris shares. In terms of Aucom, the forecast is that its ability to contribute to the company’s profits will play a big role in determining the overall success of Alaris Holdings and Alaris share prices.

Alaris Holdings Major Shareholders

MAS Trust, PSG Private Equity (Pty) Ltd., Andries Petrus Cronje Fourie Trust, Tebogo Rashama, Investec Ltd., Dr Derek Colin Nitch, R Rashama and J Dresel.

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