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Background of Alexander Forbes

  • Established in South Africa in 1935, Alexander Forbes Group Holdings is a specialised premium financial services group regarded as a market leader in South Africa and in other areas of sub-Saharan Africa, the United Kingdom and continental Europe. The group was formed through the consolidation of various insurance agencies, but has since diversified and acquired a number of other companies in the financial sector.

  • Alexander Forbes was delisted from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in 2006 when Ethos Private Equity and Harbourvest Partners LLC offered to buy 70% of the company’s stock at a cost of R7.4 billion. This was regarded as the one of the largest leveraged buy-outs ever undertaken in Africa. The group was relisted in the JSE in 2014, making shares available for existing shareholders and other investors, and was valued at R 10 billion. Alexander Forbes shares dominated stock trade when they were put up for sale.

  • The group provides services to more than a million South Africans and 380 000 people in other African countries.

  • The company’s portfolio includes a range of professional financial services and financial products targeted at individuals, businesses and institutions, with a particularly strong history of focusing on employee benefits solutions. Services include asset and actuarial consulting, employee risk benefits, individual finance advice, investment and administration services and personal lines insurance.

Alexander Forbes Shares Growth Driver

  • After relisting on the JSE, Alexander Forbes received overwhelming support from a variety of investors, which resulted in a positive performance in Alexander Forbes shares, as well as maiden payments of dividends. The group has made a smooth transition from a privately controlled company to a JSE-listed one, with top-line revenue showing marked growth across the retail and public sector and institutional businesses.

  • The group’s overall operating costs have been increasing due to once-off capital injections and investments in three well-thought out growth strategies and overhauls of IT infrastructure. Large divisions within the group have been sold, with the goal of refining the core companies and streamlining their performance. At R 1.1 billion, profits for 2015 were up 10% on the previous year.

  • One of the core parts of the group’s strategy is attending to employee benefit systems which urgently need fixing. The company has the goal of creating wealth and certainty for people in today’s era, with the assurance of defined benefits.

  • The group is renowned for investing significant resources into research and understanding of the sector and its social impact, whilst boasting particularly strong and intellectual thought leadership.

Alexander Forbes Group Investor Tip

  • Due to a recent reshuffle of top management, along with South Africa’s economic crisis, Alexander Forbes share prices are 30% than when they were listed on the stock market in 2014.

  • The new management team will have to cut down on costs while growing income and increasing confidence in Alexander Forbes shares which could be a significant challenge in today’s environment. Investors are currently cautious to buy the company’s shares.

Alexander Forbes Major Shareholders

Mercer Africa Ltd., Government Employees Pension Fund (PIC) and Liberty life Association of Africa Ltd.

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    Asset Management
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    Investment Management

How to buy Alexander Forbes Group Shares

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Alexander Forbes?

A specialized premier Financial Services Group widely recognized as a market leader in South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and the UK.

Can you buy Alexander Forbes Shares Online?

SA Shares website has made it simple to buy JSE listed firm shares online.

Is Alexander Forbes a good share to buy?

View the Alexander Forbes Group Investor Tip here

When did Alexander Forbes list on the JSE?

Initially in 1996 then delisted in 2007 and relisted in 2014

When was Alexander Forbes founded?



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