ALVIVA Holdings Limited. JSE: AVV

Background of Alviva

  • Alviva Holdings Limited, formerly known as Pinnacle Holdings Limited is a company that specialises in providing information technology and communication technology for businesses across South Africa, Africa and several countries around the world.
  • It was established as Pinnacle Holdings Limited in 1986 but has since changed its name to Alviva Holdings Limited a name by which it trades today.
  • Alviva Holdings is one of Africa’s largest providers of information and communication technology products and services. It is made up of eight key companies. These companies, varied and extensive include the likes of Centrafin, Solareff, Datanet, Modrac, Axizand Datacentrix.
  • Pinnacle being an Alviva subsidiary, is South Africa’s leading ICT distribution company. Its offering is that of a broad range of world-class technology products. Pinnacle is an authorised and exclusive distributor for many leading vendors including a vast range of Proline products – all specifically designed for the African market.
  • Pinnacle is an entirely owned subsidiary of the JSE listed Alviva.
  • Centrafin is the Alviva Holdings subsidiary that “enables a variety of turnkey solutions, insurance and financial products to customers wishing to acquire office automation and technology equipment.”
  • A standard range of financial products for technology-based equipment, is what Centrafin offers.
    These are:
     Operating rentals for technology based equipment.
     Hire and service agreements of equipment and ancillary services.
     Insurance of technology-based goods.
     Short term project finance of equipment required to complete an order or bridge the period from invoice to payment by a supplier.
  • Solareff is a South African based company that is a specialist in renewable energy solutions. Solareff is widely known for installing rooftop and ground mounted Solar Photovoltaic (PV) projects.
  • Solareff is a South African based leader in renewable energy solutions across the commercial, agricultural, and industrial markets.
  • Datanet is a leader in ICT Infrastructure supply, providing structured cablingsolutions, racking systems, purpose-built electronic enclosures, and products designed to complement infrastructure systems.
  • Datanet is recognised as a market leader in the ICT Infrastructure supply market. Datanet supplies products primarily for structured cabling solutions, racking systems, purpose-built electronic enclosures and complementary infrastructure products such as media converters, optical fibre CCTV and co-axial for telecommunications, data and telephony applications.
  • Modrac is a leading manufacturer of computer server racks and enclosures, from audio visual and multimedia equipment, to complex monitoring systems and extensive cabling solutions.
  • It is also a leading manufacturer in Africa.
  • Interacting with thousands of businesses across Africa, Axiz distributes value-added IT infrastructures from a variety of the world’s top brands.
  • It is a value-added IT infrastructure distributor. Axiz was formed in April 2011 when Axiz, a leading hardware distributor, and Workgroup, a powerful software distributor, joined forces to take their expertise and best practices for trade on the African market.

  • Pinnacle Business Solutions is part of Alviva Holdings Group impressive portfolio and is one of Africa’s largest providers ICT products. Pinnacle Business Solutions is the official importer and distributor of the Sharp Office Range. Through the Sharp subsidiaries in the Alviva Group, Alviva offers a full line-up of office automation, hardware and software products, implementation solutions. In addition to this Alviva offers structured finance solutions as well.

  • Datacentrix delivers sustainable value ICT solutions to corporate and public sector organisations, primarily in South Africa.

  • Datacentrix is an ICT solutions provider that uses leading technologies to deliver sustainable value to corporate and public sector organisations predominantly in South Africa.

Alviva Shares Growth Driver

  • Alviva Holdings Limited growth driver has largely been due to its continued growth of current revenue streams. This, coupled with business through diversification and expansion of Alviva’s in world-leading technology products and services, has seen the Alviva Holdings Limited share price gain in popularity.

  • The group achieved growth especially in it’s ICD distribution. It saw continued expansion and investment in new focus areas, like the group’s new high-end data storage centre and server offerings, which also has seen Alviva’s share price rise.

  • Alviva continues to improve its capacity in terms of learning and development to its staff using both internal and external resources. The group’s subsidiaries have continued with their various skills and internship programmes, under which learners and interns attend vocation specific formal training courses and receive practical guidance.

  • Alviva recognises the need to maintain and improve its BBBEE rating in order to transform the group and be relevant to its business partners in South Africa. Alviva continues to review the sub-elements of its BBBEE rating and the effect of any possible changes to the ICT sector code and which may impact on the group’s rating.

  • After a year of strategic alignment, during which a lot of work was performed to contribute to the financial well-being of the group, Alviva, till to today rigorously pursues commercial opportunities to take advantage of its efficient infrastructure and broad offerings in the distribution and service cluster.

  • Alviva repaid the R315 million on its Domestic Medium-Term Programme. This funding was replaced by a more appropriate funding arrangement from Nedbank involving the securitisation of a significant portion of the Centrafin finance lease book. This allows for the requisite capital for Centrafin to grow.

Alviva Investor Tip

  • The group had a satisfactory financial year. Earnings per share increased by 15.4% to 207.1 cents, the previous year saw the Alviva share price at 182.9 cents all this had a positive effect on the group’s online trade forecasts and share purchases.
  • Core earnings per share is a non-IFRS measure, which is a good measure of evaluating the performance of the group’s operations. The group did well on this front.

  • Revenue increased by 37.3% to R10.9 billion and gross profit increased 48.8% to R1.66 billion. Providing a good boost to dividends and Alviva Holding’s shares and Alviva share buy sentiments.
  • Shareholder’s equity now stands at R2.1 billion, a marked improvement from recent history. The only significant debt relates to the funding of the Centrafin book, which has now been “ring-fenced”with a securitisation structure.
  • The proceeds of this funding were used to settle the R315 million bond. Alviva’s position seems very strong and it would take anyone very long to consider putting his or her shares up for sale.

Alviva Major Shareholders

  • Sector

    Information Technology

  • Industry

    Technology Hardware and Equipment

How to buy Alviva Holdings Shares

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