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Background of Andulela Investment Holdings

  • Andulela Investment Holdings Ltd. is an investment holding company that is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The company produces and processes platinum group elements and the buying and processing of steel products. Andulela has an 83.59% interest in Kilken Platinum Proprietary Limited, which is a low-cost producer of platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold. The holding company also owns 100% of Pro Roof Steel Merchants Proprietary Limited and its subsidiaries.

  • Where Kilken Platinum is concerned with the treatment of mine tailings dumps to produce and sell platinum group elements at a reasonable price, Pro Roof Steel is a steel processing business that processes and distributes both new and second hand steel products. When it comes to steel products, Andulela provides a range of steel beams, roofing solutions such as corrugated iron. The company also provides cut-to-length and guillotine services to steel workers.

Andulela Investment Holdings Shares Growth Driver

  • The company was founded in 1950 as a colliery. Since the company’s inception the entire operation has changed in nature from what started out as a coal mine to a steel and metals producing company. The Vierfontein Colliery, as Andulale was previously known, was already listed on the JSE back in 1960 and over the following fourty odd years the company went from coal mine to financial services provider.

  • In 2008 Andulela acquired its first share in Kilken Platinum and in doing so they returned to the mining sector, where it all began for them. Through its dealings in the platinum and metals industry, the group showed considerable growth and were able to raise a whole lot of capital through issuing new shares on the JSE.

Andulela Investment Holdings Group Investor Tip

  • Andulela’s long term strategy is to expand its dealings in the metals industry. Up to date the management team has shown a knack for finding and investing in companies that has a tendency to grow in value. It is the team’s vision to keep on acquiring, or at least to invest in such businesses that show a capacity to grow and to generate capital. The management team is keeping up to date with the current global metals market and they are investigating various metals companies with an eye of incorporating these companies into team Andulela. From their background, it is clear to see that Andulela is more than willing to change with the times in order to keep afloat. But they do not only keep head above water, the company has excelled so far and it will keep on doing so in the near future.

  • Sector

    Equity Investment Instruments

  • Industry

    Mining & Metals

  • Sub industry

    Platinum group elements and steel production

How to buy Andulela Investment Holdings Group Shares

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