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Background of Anglo American Platinum

  • Anglo American Platinum’s history dates back to 1995, when Johannesburg Consolidated Investments unbundled and its platinum interests became Amplats. Later renamed Anglo American Platinum, the group is today the world’s leading primary producer of platinum group metals, accounting for around 38% of global supply. Anglo American Platinum’s head office is situated in Johannesburg, with sales and marketing offices located in London and Singapore in order to service a global network of customers. Amplats shares are listed for sale on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

  • Most of the group’s asset portfolio is located in South Africa, where it owns eight mines and is involved in seven joint ventures. The group also aims to buy into international expansion, with a number of smelting and refining facilities, as well as exploration partners in Brazil, China, Canada and Russia.

  • Anglo American Platinum employs more than 45 000 people, recorded revenue of R 10.9 billion in 2015 and has a market cap of more than R100 billion. The live online stocks chart shows a strong recovery in Anglo American Platinum share price after several years of tough performance.

Anglo American Platinum Shares Growth Driver

  • The Anglo American Platinum name is synonymous with quality products, commercial success and a top-class executive structure. The refinery team strives to deliver purity levels that exceed global market standards, with platinum and palladium typically achieving 99.99% purity, and rhodium, iridium and ruthenium achieving 99.95% purity. This industry-leading product quality has been a major factor in customer willingness to buy Anglo American Platinum product.

  • Anglo American Platinum recently became a founding member of the World Platinum Investment Council, which is funded by six of South Africa’s leading producers and aims to stimulate global demand and enhance the sustainability of the industry. The group also supports Platinum Guild International, which focuses on the jewellery industry in the high potential markets of China and India.

  • Due to huge labour unrest and an unstable economic climate, the group is in the process of selling many of its mines in South Africa in order to stay profitable.

Anglo American Platinum Group Investor Tip

  • The live online stocks chart shows that Anglo American Platinum share price reached record lows in 2015, but has since recovered by more than 40% as investors begin to buy the stock again. Investment analysts forecast that Anglo American Platinum share price may continue to make good gains and have advised investors to hold their positions in the company.

  • The group has a highly experienced and capable executive team who have implemented effective capital expenditure control measures and streamlining processes which have kept the company profitable and maintained the confidence of shareholders.

  • The company remains an appealing buy for several reasons. It is the world’s biggest producer of platinum and has a strong parent in Anglo American. The group was previously burdened by high costs but management’s focus, but been on selling off the higher-cost operations and improving productivity. The market is however still volatile, which could deter the purchase of Anglo American Platinum shares by new investors.

Anglo American Platinum Major Shareholders

Anglo South Africa Capital.

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    Metals & Mining

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    Precious Metal Mining

How to buy Anglo American Platinum Group Shares

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Anglo American Platinum?

When JCI (Johannesburg Consolidated Investments) unbundled in 1995, its platinum interests became Amplats (Anglo American Platinum)

Can you buy Anglo American Platinum shares online?

The website of SA Shares makes it easy for you to buy JSE listed shares online.

Is Anglo American Platinum a good share to buy?

With the markets still volatile, it could deter new investors from buying Amplats shares.

When did Anglo American Platinum list on the JSE?


Who are the major shareholders in Anglo American Platinum?

Anglo South Africa Capital.


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