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Background of Astoria

  • Astoria is a global investment company which was incorporated in Mauritius in 2011, and inward listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in 2015, putting over 125 million shares up for sale, valued at US$ 1 per share.

  • Operating from the business-friendly environment of Mauritius, Astoria aims to achieve strong US Dollar capital appreciation by investing in global, equity-dominated holdings of high-quality listed businesses. This primary objective is augmented by investing in niche funds, global private equity opportunities and other funds. The aim is to provide investors in South Africa with strong compound growth value in US Dollar shares and the chance to expand offshore equity portfolios.

  • Astoria’s assets are valued at $122 million, comprising 41% listed global equities, 4% niche funds, 1% private equity; and 54% cash.

  • Astoria’s investment portfolio is managed by experienced company Anchor Capital Mauritius. Anchor Capital provides Astoria with sound advice and assistance in implementing investment initiatives and policies in terms of investment and re-investment.

  • Today, Astoria is led by a team with significant experience in the industry and a prestigious history of successful global equity investment and fund management.

  • Astoria’s top 10 equity positions as at 31 March 2016 were Apple, Admiral Group, Amazon, Daimler, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Pandora, Unilever and Walt Disney.

Astoria Share Growth Driver

  • Astoria believes that their business model allows South Africans easier and more cost-efficient access to offshore global equities. Astoria has made clear that it is not a fund, unit trust or managed account, but a company with permanent share capital, which enables it to take investment positions based on a long-term view.

  • The company looks to create long-term growth in net asset value per each Astoria share. In collaboration with shareholders, the youthful company has decided that it will initially reinvest dividends to further drive long-term growth. Astoria’s ultimate objective is to reach a 15% dollar compound internal rate of return over five to ten years.

  • Astoria and Anchor Capital currently have around 40 investment professionals around the world who are sourcing private equity opportunities. A partnership has already been formed with London-based investment company ACPI, whilst the
    company is also looking to acquire a stake in Capricorn Fund Managers in order to exploit emerging markets.

Astoria Group Investor Tip

  • Financial experts have mooted Astoria as a tempting alternative to direct offshore investments. Astoria allows investors to get similar exposure fairly quickly and safely by investing with a small amount of money. The private equity portion allows individual investors a rare chance to get private equity exposure with a small investment. Internationally, private equity firms have achieved great returns, due to long-term capital and the ability to gear quickly. This makes the purchase of Astoria shares an attractive proposition. Unlike unit trusts, Astoria is a share, so investors looking to exit their investment will merely have to sell their shares to other investors.

  • Astoria share prices and earnings have experienced negligible losses since the company listed on the JSE. Net asset value per share shrunk from $1 to $0.97 by the end of December 2015. The board believes that this performance data is satisfactory given the volatility of the global markets, but outlook for global equities remains uncertain today due to the instability of the world economy.

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How to buy Astoria Group Shares

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