Avenge Ltd


Background of AVENGE LTD

  • Aveng Ltd is an active conglomerate company in South Africa, that is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Aveng currently operates in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and in the Middle East. This powerhouse conglomerate was established in the 1880s, which makes it one of the oldest companies to be listed on the JSE.

  • Aveng Ltd initially started operations in the construction sector. However, the conglomerate now also involves itself in steel, engineering, manufacturing, mining, concessions, public infrastructure and water treatment activities. Aveng has a number of subsidiaries, which include; Construction & Engineering: Aveng Grinaker-LTA (Africa), McConnell Dowell (Australia) and Aveng Mining (deep-level shaft sinking). Manufacturing and Processing: Aveng Manufacturing and Aveng Steel.

  • Aveng operates in a very diverse market in both a sectoral and geographical context – with their primary geographical target markets being Southern Africa and Australia. The company also employs an impressive 16000+ people and boasts with a turnover of R30billion.

AVENGE LTD Shares Growth Driver

  • Aveng’s longevity and impressive growth can be measured in a few core aspects of their policies and dealings. Aveng has operated with a strong growth mentality. When things go wrong, the consistently strive toward a sustainable solution that will encourage growth.

  • Another key analysis that cannot be overlooked is the company’s ability to trade successfully in different major sectors. Key examples of this can be found in their assets: Aveng Grinkar-LTA, a construction and engineering group, based in South Africa, and focused on infrastructure, energy, rail and mining. The company also boasts an impressive venture with their Australian-based company, McConnell Dowell, who operates in building Infrastructure and resource markets within rail, civil, electrical, marine, mechanical pipelines, fabrication, tunnelling and underground services. The conglomerate does have a few other ventures of note, but the above-mentioned information perfectly puts their portfolio into perspective.

  • Aveng also enjoys the portability of an international market. Their conduct abroad has come to pass as a great way of becoming more business savvy, reive a better level of experience and test the deeper waters of a global market. In their 125 years, venturing onwards and upwards has always stood as a paramount factor with regard to their success.

AVENG LTD Group Investor Tip

  • Concerns can be found within Aveng Ltd, from an investor’s perspective. This concern will stem from the fact that they considered selling their steel interests in 2016 and by the fact that their former CEO, Kobus Verster resigned effective immediately in September 2018. His  resignation was as a result of the group’s continued efforts to combat ongoing financial losses.

  • Aveng Ltd, does boast a very rich history and an impressive portfolio. Their ability to launch themselves into new markets should not be overlooked when analysing their current performance.

  • Aveng’s footprint in the international sphere is also a factor that should sit pretty on the top of an investor’s interest within the company. Yes, they might have had trying times. But, all companies face those, but not all of them have the backing of an international base. Aveng’s ability to sustain and excel in markets such as Australia and New Zealand, remains as a positive factor for any willing investor.

  • Sector

    Multiple Sectors (Construction & Mining)

  • Industry

    Infrastructure Construction

  • Sub industry

    Steel, engineering, manufacturing, mining, concessions, public infrastructure and water treatment

How to buy AVENG LTD Group Shares

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