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Background of Blue Label

  • Blue Label Telecoms is a South-Africa based company involved in the virtual distribution of secure electronic tokens of value (mostly prepaid airtime, starter packs and electricity) and transactional services. Blue Label shares are available to buy under the Wireless Telecoms Services sector of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The live online stocks chart shows that Blue Label share price has rocketed by almost 500% since listing.

  • The group is split into four capital segments: Blue Label South Africa, Blue Label International, Blue Label Mobile and Blue Label Solutions.

  • Blue Label South Africa distributes prepaid products and transactional services for sale to the local wholesale and retail markets. Its product portfolio includes prepaid airtime, starter packs, internet data, electricity and water, event and transport ticketing and financial services. Blue Label International replicates this model, with its main businesses situated in Mexico City in Mexico and New Dehli in India.

  • The Blue Label Mobile segment provides mobile phone users with a complete ecosystem of services that include smartphone applications, WAP, MMS, e-mail, LBS, instant messaging, web messaging, SMS and USSD. Contributing a small portion of revenue, the Blue Label Solutions segment specialises in marketing a portfolio of cellular and insurance products and services.

Blue Label Shares Growth Driver

  • Blue Label Telecoms is capitalising on the increasing popularity of point-of-sale devices, which allow customers to acquire a wide range of both physical and virtual goods and services. In South Africa, the group has established a wide network of around 150 000 devices, mostly in the burgeoning informal market (which accounts for 87% of revenue). The group has also managed to extend this mass market internationally, in line with its stated strategy of extending its global footprint of touch points.

  • Diversification has been a key to Bluetel’s success, with the group recently deciding to buy into ticketing and prepaid water. An exponential growth in e-commerce in India and South Africa has also allowed Bluetel to establish a stronger foothold in these markets. Financial services such as money transfer have been the main driver of the growth in India. The Mexican side of the business has rolled out 640 000 devices, but is still struggling to turn a profit.

  • Rare for a company of its size, Blue Label enjoys no competition, as setting up airtime distribution networks is an expensive and time-consuming task. This gives the business a golden opportunity to completely dominate a growing market.

Blue Label Group Investor Tip

  • Blue Label has registered impressive overall performance, strong growth and healthy financial data. Blue Label share price has left current shareholders smiling from ear-to-ear. The company continues to buy into new growth areas in South Africa and is also reaping dividends overseas. After explosive growth in Blue Label share price, there may not be much upside left for investors who purchase Blue Label shares. There is however a chance that the company may become the leading role player in a service which looks set to become as popular as card payments. Investors may want to buy Blue Label shares sooner rather than later to enjoy this profitable potential ride.

Blue Label Major Shareholders

Shotput Investments, BM Levy BM, Allan Gray, MS Levy.

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    Telecom Resellers

How to buy Blue Label Group Shares

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Blue Label Telecoms?

Blue Label Telecoms specialize in prepaid products and electronic distribution of virtual merchandise. It has four capital segments – Blue Label South Africa & Blue Label International as well as Blue Label Solutions & Blue Label Mobile.

Can you buy Blue Label Telecoms Shares Online?

SA Shares website has made it simple to buy JSE listed firm shares online.

Is Blue Label Telecoms a good share to buy?

View the Blue Label Telecoms Group Investor Tip here

When did Blue Label Telecoms list on the JSE?

November 2007

When was Blue Label Telecoms founded?



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