Background of Brikor Ltd.

  • In August 1994 Garnett Parking senior formed Marievale Bricksworks which acquired properties from Marievale Gold mine Limited in Nigel. He and his son Garnett van Niekerk Parking through Marievale Bricksworks, built a brick factory for the manufacture of semi-face bricks.

  • PME was formed at the same time, which was responsible for farming operations and transport of clay, coal and bricks.

  • In 1998 Basfour Limited was incorporated as a private company. Marievale Bamford was formed a year later in 1999, further expanding purchased land and building additional brick factory’s.

  • Basfour changed its name to Brikor Limited in November 2001, consolidating the brick manufacturing and sales operations of the group and those of Marievale Bricksworks under one umbrella company.

Brikor Ltd. Shares Growth Driver

  • Brikor was listed on the AltX in August 2007. They are a manufacturer and suppliers of building and construction materials. Brikor supplies across a broad spectrum of the market, from low-cost housing to civil engineering and infrastructure projects. The group operates through three segments, namely bricks, aggregates and coal. The coal is being done through its subsidiary, Ilangabi investments 12 limited.

  • The company went into provisional liquidation in August 2013. The share price dropped from R1 at listing to 9c and all trading in its shares was suspended by the AltX board, partly due to the fact that the group did not publish financial statements within the stipulated JSE deadline.

  • In June 2018, Brikor issued financial results that might further fan flickers of shareholder optimism, with directors hopeful about the potential that could be unlocked from the company. In the previous financial year, Brikor’s revenue increased by 6.6% in its brick manufacturing operations to R179 million, and 12% in coal extraction to R94 million.

  • Brikor had managed to produce more bricks and extract more coal over the past year, than in previous years. The Group is focusing on building clay stockpiles, which, combined with the low rainfall of the past years, could weather over longer periods of time, resulting in an increased yield of high-quality bricks.

  • Improved operating procedures saw profits before interests and taxation surge by 82% to R33,5 million. However, headline earnings slumped 74, 5% to 1,2c a share after a large tax credit that was banked in the 2017 financial year did not recur in the financial year under review.

Brikor Ltd. Investor Tip

  • On November 29th 2018, a Withdrawal of Cautionary announcement was published, advising shareholders that caution is no longer required to be exercised by shareholders when dealing with the company’s securities. It seems that the company has stabilised and is slowly starting to show growth again. Bricks will stay in high demand as South Africa keeps on developing, so it might be well worth your buck to invest in a stable brick producer.

Brikor Major Shareholders

Government Employees Pension Fund, M1 Ltd, Dodge & Cox, Coronation Asset Management.

  • Sector


  • Industry

    Material Suppliers

  • Sub industry

    Manufacturing and Producing of Building Materials

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