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Background of Brimstone

  • Brimstone Investment Corporation Limited is a JSE listed and black controlled investment company in South Africa. Brimstone deals in healthcare, food, financial services, infrastructure, property and a few other ventures. The company was founded in 1995. The company went on to be listed on the JSE in 1998.

  • The company has stakes in a well-diversified portfolio, including important assets like Life Insurance, The Scientific Group, Sea Harvest, Aon, Aon Re, Lion of Africa Insurance Company, and House of Monatic. The company also boasts impressive clothing brand involvement with companies like  Carducci, O’Neil, Viyella, Conterbury, and Lylle and Scott. The company further boosts their strong holdings with interests in Old Mutal, Nedbank, Rex Trueform, and Oceana.

  • Brimstone Investment Corporation boasts over 3000 employees and has over 24000 associates and investments. The company’s strongest investment assets include: Aon Re Africa with 18% interest, Grindrod Limited at 6.07% interest, Equities with 10% interest, House of Monatic with a full 100% interest, Life Healthcare with a 5.04% interest, Lion of Africa at 100% interest, Multichoice PhuthumaNathi with a 7.02% interest, MTN Zakhele with 2.71% interest, Obsidian Health with a 25.07% interest, Oceana Group with 16.90% interst, Sea Harvest at 58.44% interest and Tiger brands at an interest of 0.94%.

Brimstone Shares Growth Driver

  • Brimstone has worked hard to empower ordinary South Africans to become more and achieve greater heights. The company operates with strong morals connected to that of their people. They also apply their moral conduct within empowerment ventures such as the South African fishing industry. This level of conduct has allowed the investment group to be a notable force within the investment sphere. Their continuous impact in the market has made waves.

  • Brimstone’s core investment policy revolves around a few facets that have boosted their growth notably. Innovative ideas can be seen as one of their key successes, which they tie to their capital contributions. The company boosts the aforementioned by providing management expertise that boost success and raise businesses profitability outlook.

Brimstone Group Investor Tip

  • The company’s policy of making sure to achieve above average returns to shareholders, has allowed them to boost their investible attractiveness. The company has done so by investing into businesses that promise significant future wealth increases.

  • South Africa’s current climate is growing increasingly favourable to black owned companies, a facet that plays well into the hands of Brimstone Investment Corporation. This fact boosts their longevity outlook and makes the company a

    more attractive investment outlook. The business also trades consistently with professionalism and positivity, with a strong interest in empowering business sectors as well as the South African people, another facet that plays in well with the current climate in the country. Brimstone has also continued to delivery favourable trading stats, even through tough trading conditions. The company’s resilience through trying times is testimony to the opportunity they provide to willing investors. The company also continues to report favourable intrinsic growth.

  • Brimstone’s future currently looks unclear, but a history of turning profits from investments should give some confidence to investors looking to purchase Brimstone shares.

  • Sector


  • Industry

    Financial services

  • Sub industry

    Healthcare, food, financial services, infrastructure, property

How to buy Brimstone Group Shares

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Brimstone Investment Corporation?

Black controlled Brimstone Investment Corporation (BRT) is a JSE listed company in South Africa with its focus on financial services, food, healthcare, property, infrastructure and other.

Can you buy Brimstone Investment Corporation Shares Online?

SA Shares website has made it simple to buy JSE listed firm shares online.

Is Brimstone Investment Corporation a good share to buy?

View the Brimstone Investment Corporation Group Investor Tip here

When did Brimstone Investment Corporation list on the JSE?


When was Brimstone Investment Corporation founded?



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