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Background of Brimstone

  • Incorporated in South Africa in 1995, Brimstone Investment Corporation is a black-controlled and managed investment company with interests in healthcare, food, financial services, infrastructure and property.

  • The group has minority stakes in companies such as Life Healthcare, Obsidian Health, Oceana Group, Tiger Brands, Afena Capital, Aon, Grindrod, Equites Property Fund, Multichoice and MTN. It managed to buy an 85% stake in Sea Harvest and full ownership of Lion of Africa Insurance and House of Monatic, a factory clothing supplier.

  • The group employs in excess of 3 400 through its subsidiaries and in excess of 24 000 people in its associates and investments. Brimstone shares are for sale in the Investment Companies Sector of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), with the company seeking to achieve above average shareholder returns by investing in wealth-creating businesses and forming strategic alliances to which it contributes management expertise, capital resources, strong black empowerment credentials and innovative ideas. The company today has a market cap of R3.5 billion.

Brimstone Shares Growth Driver

  • Brimstone aims to buy into the defensive sectors of food and healthcare, which contribute about 71% of its asset value. Investments in restricted BEE structures also play an important role, having increased to around 12% of asset value.

  • The company’s latest financial reports highlight some negative data, with total net asset value and headline earnings per share decreasing significantly. This came as a result of downward adjustments in listed companies Life Healthcare and Grindrod, as well as losses at subsidiary Lion of Africa Insurance. The company registered a loss of more than R668 million for the 2015 financial year, compared to a profit of R277 million for 2014. Despite this poor performance, dividends of 35 cents per share were still payable to shareholders.

  • Brimstone recently invested more than R1.2 billion in new or existing investments, which it hopes will help steady the ship and return the company to profitability. In 2015, the company also sold its investments in Nedbank and Old Mututal, netting good profits from these in a bid to boost Brimstone share price.

Brimstone Group Investor Tip

  • The live online stocks chart shows that Brimstone share price peaked in 2015 but has fallen away significantly since due to the volatility of South Africa’s economy, downward revaluation of investments and equity accounted losses from associates and joint ventures.

  • Despite the declining Brimstone share price and huge losses incurred in 2015, the company still has a strong net asset value, which it views as a crucial marker of its success. Historically one of the group’s most important investments, Sea Harvest recently decided to buy a stake in Australian agri-business Mareterram, which will diversify the seafood producers’ income streams and secure a platform for international growth.

  • Brimstone’s future currently looks unclear, but a history of turning profits from investments should give some confidence to investors looking to purchase Brimstone shares.

Brimstone Major Shareholders

Septen Investments, Cape Monarch Investments, Max Brozin Investment Corp.

  • Sector

    Consumer Staples

  • Industry

    Consumer Products

  • Sub industry

    Agricultural Products

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