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Background of Capitec

  • Established in 2001, Capitec has become South Africa’s fastest growing bank, and today has more than 7.3 million clients, 720 branches and over 11 000 employees. With shares listed for sale on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in 2002, the bank is renowned for its affordability and simplified model of banking, which has received superb buy in from clients of all income levels. Capitec already commands more than 20% of South Africa’s banking market share and has a market cap of almost R70 billion. The bank is also the first in South Africa to offer clients branch banking over weekends, with branches open on both Saturday and Sunday.

  • Capitec believes in harnessing the power of technology to make banking easier and more convenient. The bank offers all-inclusive solutions such as Global One, which enables clients to transact, save and access credit in real-time. Capitec also offers personal money management and business banking services.

Capitec Shares Growth Driver

  • In its latest financial report, Capitec reported the highest annual client growth in the bank’s history. A remarkable 1.03 million new clients were netted by the bank in the 2016 financial year, and headline earnings shot up by 26% to R3.2 billion. All of Capitec’s other key performance indicators such as net interest income, net loan fee income and net transaction fee income registered remarkable growth for the year. Capitec share price also increased by 16% for the year, whilst shareholders enjoyed a 26% growth in dividends.

  • To facilitate the increased demand for Capitec’s services, capital expenditure for the year stood at R704 million, which was used for the growing ATM and branch network, as well as the purchase of property.

  • The bank’s affordable and simplified services have been the main factor in its growth, and this has made Capitec particularly well-positioned to attract new clients during the currently unstable economic environment. Capitec has laid out a number of short, medium and long-term goals which it looks well capable of achieving. These include increasing the number of branches by 50 per year, increasing internet and mobile banking, increasing awareness of the bank throughout all income groups and offering a lower cost of credits to clients.

Capitec Group Investor Tip

  • The live online stocks chart shows that Capitec share price has boasted astronomical growth over the past two years, increasing from R20.70 at the beginning of 2014 to more than R57 by mid-2016.

  • The bank is continuing to deliver services which are simpler and more transparent than most of South Africa’s other big banks. This, along with the affordability of its services, gives Capitec a distinct advantage during the economic downturn, and will also attract new clients even during times of economic prosperity.

  • Capitec stocks are extremely prosperous at present, which may suggest that there isn’t much potential for upside growth, but analysts forecast that the shares will probably achieve even more growth for investors who buy them in the years to come. Capitec shares are therefore still an attractive buy today.

Capitec Major Shareholders

PSG Group, Public Investment Corporation, Limietberg Beleggings, Allan Gray, JP Morgan.

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How to buy Capitec Group Shares

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