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Background of Caxton

  • Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers Ltd. is, as the name suggests, involved in the publishing and printing industry. The company has a long history in the South African printing and publishing business. The group is recognized as one of the major businesses in the South African printing scene. Not only does Caxton and CTP print magazines, newspapers and books, they also supply stationary, packaging and labels and manufacture ink for web presses.

  • Caxton prints a couple of local newspapers, of which the Citizen is probably the most well-known. Apart from the Citizen, Caxton has a hand in about 120 more newspaper publications throughout the country. The group either owns these newspapers or has major shares in the ventures that own the newspapers. The group also publishes thirteen different magazines, including People, Bona and Farmers’ Weekly.

  • If it has something to do with media, Caxton is involved. They provide digital media services and help clients to design digital advertisements and branding through their team of skilled graphic designers. Their digital footprint is well represented with companies such as AutoDealer and Digital Briefcase making use of their web development services. The group also owns SPARK Media, which is an advertising company that develops media solutions to more than 170 clients. SPARK media is represented in around 3.6 million print copies of newspapers or magazines per week.

Caxton Shares Growth Driver

  • The company was founded in 1902 as a small stationary and printing business in Pretoria. In 1961 Caxton was bought by Eagle Press and started publishing its first newspaper, the South African Jewish Times. The company steadily acquired more newspaper printing jobs and by the late 1970’s they were responsible for printing more than 10 newspapers. In 1985 Caxton acquired Cape and Transvaal Printers (CTP), after which the company really started producing newspapers and magazines in earnest.

  • Caxton and CTP is one of the most widely read publishers in South Africa and with the advent of the digital age, they did not sit idly by and let their readers go read someone else’s news. The company made sure that they could supply all of their local newspapers with a digital platform where they could air their news online. Currently Caxton has roughly 45 million readers over their range of digital newsrooms.

Caxton Group Investor Tip

  • Caxton and CTP has recently won the tender to print all of Media24’s newspapers in Gauteng. This will ensure that they keep the printing press hot for at least the next three years. And as print media is slowly being phased out, the company is doing everything in its power to ensure that their digital footprint spreads. The company also offers printing shops where the public can go to print pictures, booklets, calendars and all sorts of novelty items. Having more than 100 years’ experience in the printing industry, you are sure to get quality prints if you use any of their shops.

Caxton Major Shareholders

Caxton Holdings.

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    Publishing and Printing

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    Digital and hardcopy media distributor

How to buy Caxton Group Shares

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