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Background of Deneb

  • Deneb Investments Limited is a diversified investment company based in South Africa, with Deneb shares for sale under the Financial Services sector of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

  • Until December 2014, the company was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seardel Investment Corporation, before it was unbundled and listed as a separate entity. The company’s portfolio comprises four main segments: Property Investments, Industrial Manufacturing, Branded Product Distribution and Textile Manufacturing.

  • The property segment comprises Vega Group Properties, which owns and manages more than R1 billion worth of industrial and commercial properties in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape.

  • Businesses in the branded product segment include Prima Toys, Prima Interactive, The Empire Group, Seartec, Limtech, FuzeCloud, AVT Solutions, Office Box, Clever Little Monkey and Brand ID.

  • The manufacturing segment includes a variety of businesses in the mining, construction, agricultural and automotive industries, whilst textile manufacturing incorporates high quality home textiles and cotton, polyester and worsted fabrics for the medical, retail and hospitality markets in South Africa. The company has a JSE market cap of just over R1 billion.

Deneb Shares Growth Driver

  • Deneb’s financial data and Deneb share price have been severely impacted by rand weakness, depressed markets, stiff taxation charges due to a deferred tax asset in the 2015 financial year and increases in capital gains tax.

  • Total comprehensive income dropped by 53%, from R211 million to R98 million. Rand weakness put margins under pressure, particularly in the branded product distribution segment, which recorded a 52% decrease in operating profit as it struggled to find enough consumers to buy products. Performance was affected by significant investment in Seartec, the company’s automation and electronics distribution business. The investment include strengthening management structures, expanding product profile, higher profile property spending and upgrading the IT backbone, which Deneb has forecast will yield benefits in the medium term. The company is also focusing on a growing interactive online gaming market.

  • Industries within the industrial manufacturing sector have been under pressure, but Deneb managed to increase operating profits by 30% on the back of new customers and tighter cost control measures. Textile manufacturing experienced a 2.7% decline
    in operating profits. Meanwhile, the property segment saw a 19% decline in operating profit, to R 99 million, which was affected by a R49 million spend on acquisitions and developments.

  • Overall, the group has identified its diversified operations as an advantage, allowing it to remain patient and buy value-enhancing businesses and properties only if they meet criteria.

Deneb Investor Tip

  • A number of Deneb’s businesses are either in turnaround or start-up phase today. Although still loss-makers for now, Deneb is carrying the losses with the belief that these businesses will become positive contributors in time.

  • .The live JSE stocks chart shows that Deneb share price has experienced significant volatility in its short history, which is to be expected from a new listing. Deneb shares are likely to remain relatively weak in the short to medium term, as economic difficulties continue to persist. Deneb is currently a small cap buy which presents a risky prospect for investors.

Deneb Major Shareholders

HCI Invest 6 Holdco, Fulela Trade and Invest 81.

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    Investment Companies

How to buy Deneb Group Shares

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Deneb Investments?

An investment company in South Africa shoes portfolio include: Property Investments, Textile manufacturing, Industrial manufacturing, and Branded product distribution.

Can you buy Deneb Investments Shares Online?

SA Shares website has made it simple to buy JSE listed firm shares online.

Is Deneb Investments a good share to buy?

View the Deneb Investments Group Investor Tip here

When did Deneb Investments list on the JSE?

December 2014

When was Deneb Investments founded?



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