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Background of Discovery Ltd

  • Discovery Limited has a rich history within South Africa. The company was founded in 1992 by Adrian Gore. In 1992 a steak in Discovery was acquired by RMB Holdings (who acquired a stake by making Discovery a subsidiary through Momentum). In 1999, Discovery Limited was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. In terms of Discovery’s Board, they are managed by Hermanus Bosman (chairman) and Adrian Gore (chief executive officer).

  • Discovery owns a whole host of member companies, namely: Discovery Health, Discovery Health, Discovery Vitality, Discovery Life Collective Investments, Discovery Investment Services, Discovery Insure, VitalityHealth London, VitalityLife, Vitality Corporate Services, The Vitality Group (75% shareholding), AIA Vitality(50% shareholding), (25% shareholding)HumanaVitality, (25% shareholding) Ping An Health.

  • Discovery operates as a shared value insurance company. The company’s business model focuses keenly on ensuring people live a healthier lifestyle.

Discovery Ltd Shares Growth Driver

  • Discovery has taken a very unique approach to the insurance industry. Their pioneering approach of focusing on health has established Discovery has global brand, which has sparked significant growth within its industry. Within their health approach, the group has identified a
    niche that has been largely untapped within the insurance industry – prior to their inception of the concept. Within a global context, the approach has aided them to open a market that is growing increasingly relevant within a global context.

  • Discovery’s ability to tap into a market with innovative ideas stands as a firm testimony with regard to their business abilities. Their forward-thinking approach has inspired the company to delve deeper into optimising their business. This approach can be clearly seen within the host of member companies that discovery have established. With their unique approach, Discovery now covers over 5.1 million customers, a statistic that has boosted the company significantly.

  • The Discovery Group has also achieved a high level of success within the management of their own business and member companies. The group has maintained tight reigns on their assets, while also managing to improve and innovate. The level of business savvy displayed since their inception has boosted them to becoming one of the leading South African insurers with a strong global footprint.

Discovery Ltd Group Investor Tip

  • Discovery’s position within the marketing shows no sign of weakening, as the company continues to boost their trade and strengthen their position as a keen innovator and insurance partner. Potential investors will be motivated by the company’s ability to attract and retain
    customers through strong marketing campaigns and attractive deals.

  • Dsicovery’s ability to branch out and establish themselves in international markets can also be a motivating factor to potential investors. The global sphere of opportunity is incredibly vast and perfect for a group like Discovery to tap into. This fact is especially true within the group’s ability to be original and creative.

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How to buy Discovery Ltd Group Shares

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