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Background of Distell Group Holdings

  • Distell Group Holdings Limited is a multinational group, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange that produces and markets wines, ciders, spirits and ready-to-drink mixed drinks. Most of the companies in the group are based in South Africa, where roughly 75% of the group’s revenue is made. The group also has interests Angola, Kenya and Scotland. Distell is also in partnership with local alcoholic beverage producing groups in Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

  • The Distell group was founded in 2000, when two leading South African alcoholic beverage producers merged. Both of these groups were independently listed on the JSE before the merger took place in December of the year 2000. Stellenbosch Farmers’ Winery, one of the founding members of Distell, was a well known producer and distributor of wines, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages, both in South Africa and overseas. The other founding member, Distillers Corporation, focussed primarily on producing and distributing spirits, of which Amarula Cream is the most iconic product.

  • Currently, the Distell group employs around 5500 people worldwide and they have an annual turnover of R21.5 billion. The group is driven to create products that inspire and keep their customers and consumers happy. They have courageous new ideas and strive to innovate and create high quality beverages for all markets.

Distell Group Holdings Shares Growth Driver

  • Distell has a couple of renowned brands that it ships worldwide. They cater for a variety of occasions and budgets, with low cost wines such as 4 th Street and Drostday-Hof on their list, as well as award winning wineries such as Nederburg and Alto. Distell is one of the largest producers of ciders in the world, producing leading brands such as Hunters and Savanna – it’s dry, but you can drink it.

  • Richelieu, Klipdrift and Oude Meester are some of the best known producers of brandy in South Africa. These distilleries offer a range of brandies for every occasion and for every pocket as well. Three Ships Whisky and Scottish Leader are also part of the Distell group, providing premium whisky to a large audience around the world.

  • The Distell group’s most recent success was the launch of Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky. This one of a kind whisky is the only commercially sold whisky in the world to be made from South African maize. Launched in 2009, this whisky has won the World’s Best Grain Whisky award at the Worlds Whiskies Awards and is praised by whisky lovers around the globe for how smooth and flavourful it is.

Distell Group Holdings Group Investor Tip

  • The Distell group is in the unique position of being the only African owned alcoholic beverage producer in the world. The group has well known brands that are available on the local and international markets. The group is currently the second largest cider producer in the world and it is their intention to take the lead in that category. With their background and expertise in the field of supplying alcoholic beverages, this goal is well within their grasp.

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