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Background of DRDGold

  • DRDGOLD Limited is a mid-tier goal producer based in South Africa, focusing on high-margin, low-risk assets. The company is known as a world leader in metal recovery from retreatment of surface tailings. DRDGOLD shares are for sale through a primary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and a secondary listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

  • The company’s operations are based in the the Witwatersrand, where it owns two plants through Ergo Mining. The flagship Ergo metallurgical plant and the Knights plant together comprise one of the world’s largest gold surface tailings retreatment facilities. In conjunction with a milling station at Crown Mines and a pump station at City Deep, the Ergo operation processes around 2 Megatons of gold-bearing material per month.

  • DRDGOLD currently provides permanent and contractual employment for more than 2 300 people and produced around 150 000 oz of gold in the 2015 financial year, generating R 2.1 billion in revenue and spending R 908 million on capital projects such as property, plants and equipment.

DRDGold Shares Growth Driver

  • The retreatment business which DRDGOLD is involved in is historically a high-volume, low-risk industry. The plants process vast quantities of material to recover gold from old mine dumps or dams. Ergo Gold owns the rights to treat around 100 sand dumps and dams on the Witwatersrand, with this number continually increasing.

  • DRDGOLD’s latest financial data, covering the last six months of 2015, reflected the difficult trade conditions in the gold industry. Gold production and sales both came in at 1% lower than the previous year, due to reduction in overall head grade and lost production from unscheduled maintenance. Other factors hampering growth included wage increases, electricity price increases and a decrease in yield which required more material to be processed by the plants.

  • Increases in the average rand gold price resulted in an 11% increase in revenue to R 1.1 billion, with operating profits rising by 1% to R165.9 million. DRDGOLD has reduced operational risk through recent improvements in metallurgical efficiencies, allowing the company to successfully exploit its substantial gold resource. Recovery efficiencies are expected to grow by up to 8% in the medium-term.

DRDGold Investor Tip

  • DRDGOLD is studying opportunities to buy further into growing its reserves and extending its operations’ lifespan. Through difficult times, the company has managed to secure the capital infrastructure needed for growth, with production and DRDGOLD share price currently stable.

  • DRDGOLD is in a strong position to capitalise on upturns in the gold price, and has built an efficient business which should remain stable even when the price is weak. In contrast to many other mining-related companies, DRDGOLD has managed to declare good dividends in 2016, with shareholders enjoying a 400% increase from 2015.

  • The live online stocks chart shows that DRDGOLD shares have been one of the hottest buys on the JSE in 2016, with DRDGOLD share price soaring from R 2.50 at the beginning of the year to R11.67 by July. This has left investors who buy the shares smiling from ear-to-ear, and DRDGOLD share price still has potential for upside growth. DRDGOLD shares look to be a potentially sparkling buy.

DRDGold Major Shareholders

Bank of New York, Khumo Gold, ABAX Investments, Investec Value Fund.

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    Metals & Mining

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    Precious Metal Mining

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