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Background of Emira

  • Emira Property Fund is a Real Estate Investment Trust listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), with a property portfolio spread across the retail, office and industrial sectors of South Africa.

  • The company had a total of 146 properties valued at R13 billion, as well as a R900 million investment in Growthpoint Australia. The fund has a management team of 24 staff with offices in Bryanston and Cape Town. Emira has an ongoing focus on strengthening the quality of its portfolio through acquisitions and disposals, and also refurbishment, upgrading and redevelopment of existing properties. Improved properties are sometimes put up for sale to generate profit.

  • Emira prides itself on a well-balanced portfolio which comprises 45% office, 40% retail and 15% industrial assets. The company’s JSE market cap is R7.1 billion, with the live online stocks chart showing that Emira share price has grown steadily since listing.

Emira Group Shares Growth Driver

  • Emira recognises its strengths as a medium-cap company. While many listed property funds are targeting growth offshore, Emira aims for balanced growth in both the local and international markets. The company is aiming to buy into progressive growth of offshore property holdings, from around 7% of total asset value to 10%. Success of investment in Growthpoint Australia has given Emira a solid buy into the Australian market, and the company is now considering direct investment in that market.

  • Locally, the company believes it has an optimum mix of exposure to office, retail and industrial assets. It estimates that there is 5% space to move in each sector, allowing for growth at different paces in response to market activity. This also provides a low-risk opportunity to branch out into alternative asset classes such as residential property.

  • Over the past five years, Emira has undertaken a portfolio clean out, disposing of non-performing assets to reach a core portfolio of properties that offer good performance prospects. As a result, Emira’s profit for the 2015 financial year hit a record high of R1.9 billion. Despite market conditions toughening and the economy taking a downturn, the company looks set to continue its growth and attract more investors to buy Emira shares.

Emira Group Investor Tip

  • Through key acquisitions, disposals and tactical upgrades, Emira has consistently managed to increase tenancies, shopper numbers and turnovers. Emira share price reached a record high of R19.25 in January 2015, but economic instability and a constrained property market have seen the stocks dropping to R14 in July 2016

  • The company has proven that it has the ability to flourish through difficult times, through very judicious, active asset management, sound capital expenditure and streamlining of its portfolio. Exposure to the market in Australia gives the company some diversification, while the balanced sector spread of its local portfolio allows for some wiggle room. Emira shares are a good medium-cap share to purchase, particularly as they are currently regarded as an undervalued buy.

Emira Major Shareholders

Redefine Properties, Public Investment Corporation, Old Mutual, Investec Asset Management.

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How to buy Emira Group Shares

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