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Background of Europa Metals

  • Europa Metals Limited is an Australian mining company that focusses on exploring and developing mines in Europe. Their current focus is on the development of the Toral lead/zinc/silver deposit in Spain. Europa is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), the London Stock Exchange (AIM) and on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

  • Previously known as Ferrum Crescent Limited, the company is incorporated in Australia and registered as an external company in South Africa. It is the company’s goal to develop and exploit mine-able mineral resources in Europe. Their vision is to create sustainable mining within a first world setup, where there is minimal need to further develop infrastructure before mining operations can be initiated. The company believes that Europe, especially Spain still has a lot of mineral resources to offer to the mining world and that developing mines within a first world country will be faster and more sustainable than developing similar operations in the third world.

Europa Metals Shares Growth Driver

  • Europa Metals wholly owns the Toral Zinc, Lead and Silver Project in Leon province, Spain. In 2017 the company renewed its exploration permit for the area and was granted another three years to conduct further studies into the deposit.

  • Even though the Toral Project is still in exploration phase, the company believes that they have a good enough understanding of the deposit to start planning the mining operations and to request the local authorities to rezone the area for mining. The current infrastructure around the project area is perfect for mining, as there is electricity and a railroad in close proximity to the site. There is also road access from the site to existing smelters, so the cost of connecting the planned mine to the grid will be minimal. Taking all of this into account, the local mining authority has granted Europa Metals to initiate the request for rezoning the area.

  • The Toral Project is looking good, with 720,000 tonnes of Zinc, 570,000 tonnes of Lead and 14 million ounces of silver in known reserves. The company believes that mineralisation could have taken place up to 1.1km deep, so the chances of finding further mineral reserves are quite good, which will increase the life of mine and the tonnage of minerals that can be extracted from the site.

Europa Metals Group Investor Tip

  • All three of the minerals that will be mined at the Toral mine has a wide variety of uses. Zinc is used in many metal alloys such as brass and aluminium solder. It is used in the production of pharmaceuticals, plastics, inks, soaps and batteries. Lead is also used in batteries, as well as in weights and ammunition. Silver is used in the manufacture of jewellery and all manner of electronics. Developing a mine where all three of these minerals can be mined and processed in a first world environment would be ideal.

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  • Industry

    Metal Mining

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    Mineral resource exploration and development

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