Forex Broker Killer – What is all the fuss around him? – ( Reviewed ) 2020

Forex Killer


According to research in South Africa, renowned Forex Trader Kgopotso Mmutlane better known as DJ Coach FBK and his team are known for publicly displaying their lavish and luxurious lifestyle by showing off expensive cars, gorgeous houses and wads of cash on social media – all associated with and accredited to their successful forex trading lifestyle. Thousands of young South Africans have chosen to invest a lump sum of cash in an attempt to live the same lifestyle displayed by their mentors.


What is Forex Broker Killer?


FBK Online Services is an online Forex strategies provider, who only offers members fundamental forex strategies which have been founded by Coach Kgopotso Mmutlane, who has over 4 years of experience in trading Forex markets.


Who is forex broker killer?


Kgopotso Mmutlane is one of the youngest and most successful Forex traders in South Africa and is best known for his claim that Forex trading has taken him from living in a shack to being a two-story homeowner. The 23-year-old is more popularly known as DJ Coach Tsekeleke and is amongst the youngest millionaires in South Africa, thanks to his trading and entrepreneurial skills. When it comes to South African Forex millionaires it is hard to give them a miss as he is brilliant South African Forex trader that serves as an inspiration for especially the younger crowd who want to join the industry.  Kgopotso’s desire to excel was the driving force for all he has achieved over the years and his story will help other traders understand a few things about Forex brokers in South Africa.


Tsekeleke was born in a small village, Motodi near Burgersfort in Limpopo, South Africa and he is the founder and CEO of Forex broker Killer Institution. Tsekeleke is also an author, a serial entrepreneur, a trader, and philanthropist in addition to being one of South Africa’s youngest self-made millionaires.  He studied and became an expert in Forex South Africa trading and he has an outstanding knowledge, faith, and experience in the trade despite his young age.


From expensive cars to a desirable bungalow, his Instagram posts make it clear that the young trader lives a great life which can only mean that he is making some great profit from his trade in order to sustain the lifestyle.


The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world with over $6 .5 Trillion and well known for its high-risk nature, and high capital requirement. For this reason, it is mostly traded by banks and large corporate companies.  But DJ Coach Tsekeleke has said to have simplified it and made it more affordable by giving free seminars and affordable classes.


Forex is 90% risk, you will lose all your money, soon or late as the broker already knows how to play with your emotions and if you chose fundamental analysis, you fall within the 5% of the total winning side in the forex market. It all depends on the decision you take, always remember any mentor who has a relationship with any Forex Broker is a sell-out! Truth be told,” said DJ.


“We have real Forex traders and we have Instagram traders, there is a huge difference between the two. Forex traders teach beginners the reality of Forex, which is identifying the real enemy (forex brokers) and you will understand how the market operates, while Instagram traders always take you to certain brokers with weird links, that’s how your money gets chowed, you don’t lose they just take it.”


What is Forex Broker Killers Net Worth?


His exact net worth is unknown, but according to a YouTube video posted by the coach himself, at one time his FNB bank account stood at a staggering R40 million.


Another trader once complained online about losing 4000 Rands on Forex on a post made by FBK and the couch replied by saying that Forex needs patience, he personally has lost over 40 Million trading Forex. His house is worth around 5 million and with 22 cars, he probably has a lot more in his account. However, it’s super difficult to come up with an estimate of his wealth.  He is known for sending random e-wallets to students and giving them large amounts of money, and on one occasion he was on the streets and handing out money. He once paid an amount of 23 thousand Rands cash from his own pocket for a car service on one of the episodes in his popular reality show.


Forex Broker Killer DJ Coach


During a recent interview he said that he always wanted to become a professional DJ. However, his parents who believed that this profession was against his Christian upbringing, did not approve. He used to sneak away to go and DJ without the knowledge of his parents and the locals enjoyed his mixes hence he the nickname – DJ Coach Tsekeleke.

DJ Coach has released a couple of songs featuring other artists.


Forex Broker Killer Reviews


Multiple Reviews have been done about DJ Coach Tsekeleke but traders will have a hard task to find any review that does not feel staged or untrustworthy.  Many critics have called DJ Coach out as a fake, claiming he is faking his lifestyle and most people believed in him but that changed when he was interviewed on Radio and was asked on whether he is a millionaire or not, his answer: I am an aspiring millionaire, But he had claimed to be a millionaire multiple times.


However, the interviewer asked again to get clarity:


Interviewer: So, you are not a millionaire?

Kgopotso Mmutlane answered: No, I am not.


This made a lot of people sceptical of his wealth and he has been lowering the amount charged for joining the FBK mentorship, at some point he gave a 95% discount. To some this made him look desperate yet some still look at it as a kind gesture. DJ Coach has also said that not all the cars belong to him but they belong to the whole FBK family. The rest of the Forex mentors have also been called out for being fake.


According to him, he is only ‘hustling’ and not yet a millionaire. ‘Tsekeleke’ who’s known for his ‘One Minute Strategy’ forex trading technique told the Phat Joe and the Family hosts that he’s only ‘a millionaire under construction’.

So Why is this News?


DJ Coach and his team are very well known for publicly displaying their extravagant and expensive lifestyle showing off cars, houses, and money on their social media accounts – all associated with their forex trading lifestyle. And Thousands of young South Africans have invested a large sum of cash in Coach and his ways in an attempt to live the same lifestyle as displayed by their mentors.


Despite many users who are arguing that their lifestyle is ‘fake’, Coach keeps giving more and more statements and posts to showcase that he really owns everything.  Tsekeleke’s denial to be a millionaire in turn raises a lot of questions on his current lifestyle and the properties showcased as his own. The houses and cars displayed on the team’s social media pages are worth a couple of millions Rands.  Kgopotso told the Radio 2000 listeners that he doesn’t own the 22 cars. He counts cars as a collection, including those of his parents, family, and partners. “The whole story is to inspire and not to impress”, Tsekeleke said.

So, how much does DJ coach make on Forex?

According to Coach he only makes about between a thousand or ten thousands Rands, depending. Sceptical to those who has seen him trading Live and make tons of cash on videos shared – which in turn also raises concern to the legitimacy of his trading videos and the values shown.


Why then, is the show called FBK Millionaires?


According to the trader, the name was suggested by the TV channel, and not by him. The 24-year-old trader told the listeners – “It’s the channel that decides on the name and stuff, but they know our version that we are millionaire under construction”.


Considering the platform standard of the SABC Radio 2000, it would surely not be wise to tell recorded lies but it is much easier to lie on the streets and social media. Moja Love TV has cancelled the reality tv show without any notice and fans and followers of the show where shocked when seeing that the upcoming series will not be aired.  Tsekeleke in turn told his followers that the show was cancelled because they lost their record tapes of the shows and did not have time to record others.


Forex Broker Killer Institution


The Forex Broker Killer Institution can be accessed by the official FBK website (  FBK Online Services is an online Forex strategies provider, who only offers members fundamental forex strategies which have been founded by Coach Kgopotso Mmutlane, who has over 4 years of experience in trading Forex markets.  The Forex Broker Killer Institution does not teach people how to trade but does offer general forex information which beginner traders can use to learn about forex, in the form of a Free pdf available on the home page. FBK online Services is owned by Mmutlane Traders pty (ltd) and is not a financial service institution and does not provide account management or investments.  The Only information available to traders who are not signed up to the platform via the method of payment is the pdf overview of what Forex Trading is as a whole.


Signing up costs can be as little as R600 on a special offer and up to R5000 or more when the offer ends.


Forex Broker Killer one-minute strategy


This Forex Broker Killer one-minute strategy is based on the performance of existing members, who are using the forex one-minute strategy in conjunction with a modification’s strategy. The FBK team  always say – “don’t judge us on our performances but our students performance” as forex is not a get rich quick scheme and traders need to understand fully what they will become a part off when looking into Forex trading and also understand what they doing before getting started.


Lifetime signals, life time mentorship, and the newly improved One-minute strategy plus Modifications of the one-minute strategy are only available to traders after joining the forex one-minute strategy platforms.


For Traders who wants more Information in regards to the Forex Minute Strategy or Modifications can contact the coach and his team via a multitude of platforms.


Facebook:                           forex broker killer edition

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Call or WhatsApp             060 929 4089

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Forex Broker Killer Strategy


A Free online lesson is made available in video form for Beginner traders but all strategies are reserved for paying clients.

Forex Broker Killer App

Contrary to popular belief – FBK does not offer any form of mobile app available.


Forex Broker Killer App for Download


As stated, there is no mobile app on offer via FBK and through confirmation with the company’s customer service department, and such claim is untrue and should be noted as a possible scam and be brought under the attention of the coach and his staff.


Forex Broker Killer Videos


FBK Millionaires


FBK Millionaires has gained huge popularity and a massive following in South Africa over the past couple of months and FBK Millionaires has their own reality show which airs on YouTube and was once aired on Moja Love.  This millennial has also been seen on YouTube doing the most. He has had an interview with Samke Mhlongo, among others, where he was invited to talk about Forex Broker Killer.


In Conclusion


Trading in the foreign exchange currency market has become a popular pursuit for many market traders, especially amongst the younger crowd. As a result, a massive number of commercial products have surfaced to fill the information gap about how to use this trading market to make as much profit as possible. One of these tools is the trading software known as Forex Killer promoted by Andreas Kerchberger – a software which works by providing a signal designed to catch the trading trend.

The only catch is that traders need to know what they are doing in order to allow the software to help them make a profit. Those inexperienced in forex trading, shouldn’t fall into the false assumption that all they have to do is listen to what the Forex Killer software recommends and follow its advice. It is very easy to be back into a bad trade as it is to find a good one. Having a solid foundation in forex trading will help traders to be cautious when using any kind of mechanized system.


While Forex Killer is frequently successful in finding a trend, it does at times give signals too late for the trader to comfortably make a decent profit and this is where trading experience comes in. This is why so many people are not particularly impressed with this software, the coach and his crew. It doesn’t tell traders anything more than what their knowledge of the charts and so forth have already disclosed.  What this means is that once the trend has been identified and the trade made, the trader should be knowledgeable enough to be able to check the charts for any major levels of support or resistance which the trade may encounter. Without being able to make these critical determinations regarding the support and resistance of price levels, a person could quickly find themselves in a losing position.

So, for beginners only beginning currency trading in particular shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking that this software is going to be able to save their investment by always giving them timely information that will allow them to exit a profitable trade in time to preserve its profit. Traders may on occasion have to rely on other resources (in particular, past trading experience) to give you a heads up, according to research in South Africa.

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