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Background of Gemgrow Properties Ltd

  • Gemgrow Porperties Limited, formerly knowns as Synergy Income Fund Limited was incorporated as a public company and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in South Africa, November 2007. The company started out as a property loan stock company on the JSE, but in July 2013, Synergy converted to a Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT. In October 2016, the company changed its name from Synergy to Gemgrow Properties, after acquiring multiple new assets through a series of well thought out transactions. Gemgrow has repositioned itself on the real estate market as a diversified, high yielding REIT with a portfolio made up of retail, office and industrial buildings.

Gemgrow Properties Ltd Shares Growth Driver

  • When Synergy was first listed on the JSE in 2007, their portfolio had a value of R280 million. Through selectively acquiring new properties and letting go of underperforming assets, the company built up their portfolio to R2.4 billion in 2016, right before they changed their name to Gemgrow Properties. Since renaming the company, the company’s reconstituted portfolio value has nearly doubled and is currently at R4.5 billion.

  • Gemgrow has 129 properties over all nine of the provinces in South Africa. Their main hub of activity is in Gauteng though, as half of the company’s buildings are located there. The company also has considerable assets in Kwazulu Natal and the Western Cape. With buildings in the retail, office and industrial sectors, Gemgrow has a highly diversified and high yielding portfolio. Through careful management of their portfolio and the aid of the Arrowhead team (another REIT that owns 55% shares in Gemgrow), Gemgrow can keep on growing and delivering income growth for their investors.

  • The company focuses on keeping their properties tenanted and employs a company called ERES to manage all of their tenants and to do the upkeep on their properties. Apart from tenant retention, the company stays abreast with local rental escalation and makes sure that their tenants are informed of price hikes well in advance. To keep on growing the company operates in a cost effective manner and relies on market advice from their two main shareholders, Arrowhead and Vukile Properties, which are both REITs. The company has a good history of acquiring portfolio enhancing assets and disposing of under performing assets.

Gemgrow Properties Ltd Group Investor Tip

  • With assets over the industrial, retail and office markets, Gemgrow is in a good position to keep on creating wealth for their investors. The company strategy is to keep all of their buildings tenanted at all times by not leasing out an entire building to one tenant. In other words all of their assets are multi tenanted, meaning that the company has a constant income from their lease agreements.

  • Sector

    Real Estate Investment Trust

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  • Sub industry

    Retail, Industrial and Office

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