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Background of Globe Trade Centre

  • Globe Trade Centre South Africa (GTC) is a real estate development company established in 1994. The company develops projects in three real estate sectors: office buildings and parks, retail and entertainment centres and residential.

  • GTC operates in 10 countries: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine. GTC has developed approximately 930,000 square metres (10,000,000 sq ft) of net commercial space and 276,000 square meters of residential space.

  • At the beginning of 2013 the company owned commercial property with a combined net area of about 647,000 square meters (in which GTC’s share amounts to 564,000 square meters).

  • GTC’s total assets exceed € 2.2 billion. GTC’s shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on the WIG30 index.

  • The company’s shares are included in the international Dow Jones STOXX Eastern Europe 300 index, the GPR250 index, which comprises the 250 biggest and most liquid real estate companies of the world, and the FTSE European Public Real Estate Association/National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts Emerging Index. All emphasizing the attractiveness of the GTC share and the GTC share price across European markets.

  • The Company’s shares are listed on the WSE andit enjoys an inward listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The Company’s shares are included in WIG 30andthe Dow Jones STOXX Eastern Europe 300.

Globe Trade Centre Shares Growth Driver

  • Even today, the Group pursues an active management approach within the growing portfolio of commercial properties. GTC aims to achieve its goal by the development of carefully selected projects and the acquisition of properties, while maintaining the rules of risk limitation and optimization of performance as a result of the Group’s regional structure. This is what the board believes will drive GTC’s share price and improve GTC’s share holder position and extend to good dividends.

  • The Group’s primary focus, in terms of its history, has been on the Polish market. As itis characterized by macroeconomic stability, sustained GDP growth and constant interest of investors and tenants.

  • Targeting a long-term growth of the Group, GTC also invests in other countries in Eastern and Southern Europe, including Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. These countries, with relatively underdeveloped local real estate markets, are characterized by good long-term growth potential. Any buy in that the Group makes goes through stringent scrutiny in terms of the benefits and risks that purchase entails.

  • GTC builds on a combination of both development and asset management skills in selected eastern European regions that allow us to seize opportunities in the improving eastern European macroeconomic and property market conditions.
    Here are three areas of strategic focus:

    1) Portfolio and platform growth

     Strategic goal to significantly increase the income-generating portfolio to at least €2bn in the next two to three years through acquisition of yielding properties in Poland and major eastern European capital cities and completion of prime development projects on already-owned land plots

    Value-add acquisitions that provide tangible potential through re-letting, improvement in occupancy and rental upside as well as the realisation of redevelopment potential

    Intention to convert ongoing development projects and land reserves into income-generating properties

    Sale of non-core assets to unlock equity for new investments and acquisitions and increase the return on invested equity

    2) Operating and financial performance  Improving the efficiency of asset management activities and maximising operating performance

     Active management of our income-generating property portfolio to achieve and maintain cost efficiency, to improve rental income and occupancy, and to diversify tenant risk by retaining a high quality tenant base

     Further optimising administrative and platform costs through organisational streamlining

     Optimisation of costs of finance through deleveraging, planning and resource allocation, and through continuous refinancing at improved terms to increase the recurring return on equity

    3) Project delivery

     Developing high-quality commercial projects

     Focus on the delivery of major projects in the next two to three years

     Continue to build track record of delivery of projects (a) on time, (b) on budget and (c) at a quality that meets tenants’ demand

     Continue to adhere to all relevant environmental aspects and standards in the construction of developments (e.g. building LEED certified buildings)

Globe Trade Centre Group Investor Tip

  • Global Trade Centre SA has an impressive performance profile. It boasts of being in trade for 26 years, a portfolio of 29 buildings in 25 projects, and a combined total retail space of 524 thousand square kilometres and a completed investment of properties worth 1.1 billion Euros.

  • The Supervisory Board considers the successful execution of the company’s equity capital raise in autumn 2015 as a decisive step for the future development of GTC. The proceeds of approximately €140 million have (partially) already been deployed in line with GTC’s two-pillar growth strategy, focusing on acquisition of income-producing assets which offer value creation through improved asset management and development of high-quality office and retail projects in GTC’s core regions.

  • Attractive asset portfolio and acquisition successes are part of the portfolio optimization process at GTC. GTC put five non-core assets for sale. In addition, management was able to monetize non-core land plots with no material development perspective to free-up further capital for our growth strategy. As at 31 December 2015, the Gross Asset Value (GAV) of the company’s portfolio amounted to approximately €1.3 billion, of which income-producing assets make up 79%.

  • As of the fourth quarter of 2015, GTC was able to refocus on external growth through acquisitions in Poland and capital cities of selected CEE and SEE countries, in line with its strategy. In the reporting period, the company was able to complete two acquisitions with a total volume of €84 million. GTC acquired Duna Tower in Budapest (a 31,250 sq. m office building) and Pixel in Poznan (a 14,500 sq. m office building).

  • Additionally GTC has bought out the minority stake in Citigate, its flagship office building in Bucharest. During the course of 2016, GTC was able to continue its external growth strategy, proving live online forecast correct. Assets acquired include Premium Plaza and Premium in Bucharest (two office buildings with a total of 15,000 sq. m)

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