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Background of Go Life International

  • Go Life International Limited enjoys a secondary listing of the Company on the Alternative Exchange (AltX) of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

  • Go Life International (“ Go Life” ) is a multinational, fully integrated life sciences group with a wide range of patented technology buys, products, ingredients and proprietary formula purchases, uniquely focused on the high growth nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals markets. Go Life listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius in 2011 and is in the process of being listed again, this time on the AltX exchange of the JSE.

  • Go Life has been busy in promoting live health support products. Its product range is based on a highly effective combination of selected vitamins, co-factors and minerals. As well as specific high performance natural ingredients that are used to assist in the treatment of metabolic diseases such as chronic inflammation, cardiovascular disease, support in the treatment of cancer, treatment of stress-related problems, cognitive disorders, weight reduction, sensual deficiencies and skin disorders such as inflammation, scars, cellulite and wrinkles.

  • A key feature of most of the Go Life technology collective, is the unique and proprietary ability to dramatically increase the bioavailability, or proportion of a substance which enters the blood circulation, thereby substantially improving the beneficial effect of the ingredients. Go Life’s key subsidiaries include Go Life South Africa Limited and Gotha Health Products collectively known as “ Go Life SA” and Solmic Research GmbH (“ Solmic” ), Germany.

  • The Go Life SA brand, has extensive history, especially in the South African context, as it was established in 2005. Its products are currently sold through 261 major outlets or chain stores as well as a wide and diverse network of independent pharmacies in South Africa that stock the brand.

Go Life International Shares Growth Driver

  • Go Life has entered into additional distribution agreements which are expected, according to the company’s own data stats and forecasts to increase the number of outlets to more than 1 000 over the next three years. This is a major growth avenue for the JSE AltX listed company as well as for Go Life’s share price and share shareholders.

  • Go Life SA’s products, enjoy recognition in the South African medicines landscape as well, as they are registered with the Medicines Control Council of South Africa (MCC). This alone serves to increase its profile and perception as a legitimate medicine.

  • Solmic, which is a Go Life International subsidiary was established in 2011 in Germany and has developed unique products based on its proprietary formulation technologies. The products are available for sale through an extensive marketing network of pharmacists and therapists in Europe and are currently being introduced to the US market.

  • Go Life has expanded beyond its healthcare products to also operate four frail care centres in the Western Cape and is in the process of expanding into the Southern Cape and into the management of third party frail care facilities.

  • Go Life International, which is a Mauritian-listed “nutraceutical” company, which markets products that enhance the quality of life as well as relieve gout, among other things is aiming at securing an inward listing on the JSE’s AltX board in November in a wide attempt to penetrate the South African market better.

  • The company’s listing appears to be fairly long in the making, with investor correspondence issued by Go Life punting a listing on the AltX as far back as September 2014.

  • No capital is said to be raised, but CEO Ewan Seton said there was a possibility of raising funds at a later stage. CEO Ewan Seton also commented that there were acquisitions to be made by the company in the pipeline. According to a statement issued on Tuesday, Go Life has already successfully presented to the AltX advisory committee and has submitted the draft prelisting statement to the JSE.

  • There had been talk previously that said Gotha Health Products, a subsidiary of Go Life International, had been active in promoting health-support products since 2005. Go Life has also entered into a strategic relationship with Bon Health Frail Care, which operates frail-care clinics in the Western Cape and has also acquired five properties, four of which hold the frail-care clinics. Seton said the frail-care deal expanded Go Life’s asset base portfolio. Previously, the bulk of the company’s value resided in intangible assets such as patents.

Go Life International Group Investor Tip

  • Indications, though, are that Go Life is still a fledgling operation that might battle to find interest among local shareholders initially. The company’s quarterly results to end-August — released on the Mauritian Stock Exchange news feed in October —showed revenue of only $600,000 with attributable profits of about $52,000.

  • The media statement disclosed that revenues topped R10m in the year to February. Top line was expected to double by February 2017 and exceed R50m by February 28, 2018.

  • Solmic, which is a Go Life International subsidiary was established in 2011 in Germany and has developed unique products based on its proprietary formulation technologies. The products are available for sale through an extensive marketing network of pharmacists and therapists in Europe and are currently being introduced to the US market.

  • The JSE listing will not be unfamiliar territory for Gerhard Naudè, the founder of Go Life, who listed microlender Moneywise on the JSE in the late 1990s. Moneywise endured a torrid time on the JSE before delisting (as part of Real People Finance) in 2002.
    Naudè said the global market for health-supporting products is one of the fastest-growing segments in the healthcare-related market with annual growth rates of more than 10%. “We are seeing great demand for natural African treatments globally, particularly from the European market.”

    Go Life’s products include:

     CarniGo (which helps patients with dread diseases to arrest muscle loss),

     Go Passion and Supa Sex (boosts fertility and sexual arousal),

     Go Green and Aloe Spray (for skin conditions),

     Go Heal Miracle Cream (for gout, acne and sunburn),

     Go Lax and Fero Lax (for constipation, colic, ulcers and heartburn),

     Hypermag (boosts recovery from chronic illnesses and surgery) and

     Oxivite (nutrients), are expected to do well in the South African markets as well as for Go Life’s shares and shareholders.

  • Go Life International PCC is created with the express purpose of establishing a distribution vehicle for Go Life Health Products LTD to structures established to market those products in countries other than South Africa, on the global stage. The products that are distributed by the company address a wide variety of conditions

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