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Background of Grindrod

  • Grindrod Shipping Holdings Ltd is a company that originated in South Africa – the company’s origins can be traced back as far as 1910. Grindrod operates a diversified fleet of dry-bulk and liquid-bulk vessels that are owned, tong-term chartered and joint-ventured. The company operates across the globe through two of its key brand – Island View Shipping (IVS) and Unicorn Shipping. IVS focuses on dry bulk cargo. This cargo includes minerals, coal, ores and agricultural products Unicorn trades specifically with the focus on liquid chemicals and clean petroleum products.

  • Grindrod is officially based in Singapore, but has offices in London, Durban, Cape Town, Tokyo and Rotterdam. The company’s primary listing is on the Nasdaq, with a secondary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

  • The company officially listed on the Nasdaq and JSE in 2018.

Grindrod Shares Growth Driver

  • Grindrod boasts a very unique and fruitful history, spanning over a century. This is one of the key considerations within this shipping powerhouse’s success. Their ability to sustain demand and optise growth over such a long period, is testimony to their success in today’s market.

  • Currently the company boasts a very impressive and diverse shipping fleet. This fleet includes 20 Handysize bulk carriers (IVS), 14 supramax bulk carriers (IVS), 11 MR product tankers (Unicorn), and 4 small product tankers (Unicorn). This generously sized fleet ensures that
    Grindrod can sustain shipping demand, which is essential to their trade. The company ships between a whopping 12-14 million tonnes per year, across the globe.

  • In addition to their shipping diversity, Grindrod also runs a tight ship internally, with a strong corporate social responsibility. The shipping giant also understands the value of their people and how integral a good working relationship is between employer and employee. This has
    assisted the company to maintain a steady growth stream, through efficient operations.

Grindrod Group Investor Tip

  • Grindrod’s recent listing on the Nasdaq and JSE promises a profitable investment to willing parties. Since the listing is so recent, a quick injection promises a profitable venture. Grindrod’s vision – “to continue being a significant and profitable international ship owner and operator with a growing fleet of modern and flexible ships – “ proves that the company works towards an active, profitable, innovative and bright future. This provides an excellent investable opportunity.

  • Lastly, Grindrod’s trade focuses on and industry that is not slowing down by any measure. The company is also considered as one of the leading businesses in the shipping industry. This factor places further emphasis on their strong future outlook.

  • Sector


  • Industry

    Cargo shipping

  • Sub industry

    Dry-bulk and liquid-bulk shipping

How to buy Grindrod Group Shares

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