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Background of Grinrod Shipping Holdings

  • Grindrod Shipping Holdings Limited is company that provides worldwide shipping services. The company has a primary listing on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, and a secondary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Even though the company was only founded in 2017, it has a rich history in the shipping industry that stretches more than 100 years back. The company is based in Singapore, with offices in Cape Town, Durban, London, Rotterdam and Tokyo.

  • In 1910, Captain John Grindrod established Grindrod & Company, a clearing and forwarding agency that later on diversified into the shipping industry. Through various acquisitions and mergers, Grindrod & Company expanded and grew into the multinational shipping company that it is today. Grinrod Shipping Holdings – a company that owns and operates a large fleet of dry-bulk and liquid-bulk carriers.

  • The company is committed to the safety and skills development of their crews – people who are in charge of transporting massive loads of unrefined ores and fuels across the globe. Grimrod deems it essential to equip their employees with the right knowledge to keep their tankers afloat, no matter how heavy or dangerous the load. Transporting raw coal can be quite tricky, because it has the potential to spontaneously burst into flame. Grimrod Shipping prides itself in the fact that all of its crew members are up to the task.

Grinrod Shipping Holdings Shares Growth Driver

  • Bulk carriers are cargo ships that were specifically designed to carry unpackaged raw materials, such as grain, coal, iron ore, oil, fuels and so on. With the trend in current global economy of how manufacturing of goods and refining of ores are often times cheaper in other countries, bulk-carriers are in popular demand.

  • The company has two main brands under which it operates – Island View Shipping (IVS) and Unicorn. IVS’s main focus is on shipping dry-bulk goods, such as unrefined ores, coal, minerals and agricultural products. The company was founded in 1976 and currently sports a fleet of 32 carriers, shipping between twelve and fourteen million tonnes of goods per year. The fleet covers routes in the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.

  • Unicorn Shipping shares Grimrod’s long history of transporting goods for more than a hundred years now. The company specialises in transporting clean fuels and liquid chemical products, with their medium range fleet catering for fuel companies around the African coast and their intermediate product tankers operating out of Mumbai, Singapore, London, New York and Copenhagen.

Grinrod Shipping Holdings Group Investor Tip

  • The movement of raw materials will stay a priority in the shipping business and Grimrod has years of experience and expertise in this area. The company services big oil companies such as BP, Chevron, Engen, PetroSA, SASOL and Shell. With companies like this supporting Grimrod, you can know that Grimrod offers expert services. The company will keep on expanding on its merchant fleet, whether through acquisition or joint ventures.

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