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  • Grit Real Estate Income is a Mauritius based Real Estate investment group that was founded in 2012. Except for South Africa, Grit is the only REIT company in Africa that focuses on real estate on the continent. The company has placed itself strategically in select African countries, with a diverse and well-managed portfolio. The company currently operates in Mauritius, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique and Zambia.

  • Grit’s assets are spread over various investment categories, including Retail Assets (US $230.7 million), Commercial Offices (US $124.2 million), Hospitality (US $127.3 million), Corporate Accommodation (US $21.4 million) and Light Industrial (US $24.5 million), on property acquisition cost.

  • Grit operates predominantly with long term US Dollar and Euro focused leases. The company consists of a very strong management team with over 59 years of experience, a stat that is vital to their trade. Grit’s experienced management team is also supported by in-country asset and property management teams who understand the processes and culture of their respective countries.

  • Grit is a company with character and well thought through fundamentals. About themselves, they say: “Grit is about a firmness of character. It is an indomitable spirit, a tenacity to keep going and the resolve to succeed”


  • Grit’s philosophy about the future is that the only thing they know, is that it is going to be different. This sentiment, combined with their drive and commitment to finish what they start, rise from setbacks and mission to improve and succeed, has boosted the company to serious success. To be the only Real Estate Income Group to focus on African countries (excluding South Africa), speaks volumes about the company’s willingness to face challenges and succeed. There is a reason why they’re the only ones. Africa is a difficult beast to train, an unforgiving and intense business climate. It is not easy. Yet, Grit has found a way to
    succeed where others have not.

  • In order to achieve what they have, in Africa, Grit had to adopt fundamental determination traits, best summed up by their name; Grit. Their ability to combine grit with consistent application of skill through time, has allowed them to worm their way into the market. This factor was uniquely backed by an ethic that is unwavering in its stubbornness to succeed, while meeting the needs of their stakeholders and by sustaining its ethics.


  • Grit is a safe and smart invest-able opportunity to possible future shareholders. The company runs a tight philosophy of sticking to their key criteria, which includes; the ability to conduct business in hard currency, repatriation of funds, political risk, land tenure and debt raising ability, before involving themselves in any opportunity. The care they take for their investments, entails a distinct priority of caring for an investor’s capital.

  • Grit continues to invest into Africa, by establishing new countries, while also maintaining existing assets. Their involvement in the hotel industry, especially Mauritius, remains a golden outlook for the company’s growth.

  • Grit has a continued operating with a strong knack for integrity and growth. The company’s outlook looks rich, especially in this world that is increasingly vigilant about companies that trade unethically. Grit has maintained the strong values to succeed and continues to pave a way forward in the African market. The company’s persistent tie to the US Dollar and Euro also places further emphasis on its ability to increase growth in the international sphere.


  • Sector

    Real Estate Investment

  • Industry

    African Property

  • Sub industry

    Hotel, Office & Retail

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