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Imperial Holdings shares

Background of Imperial Holdings

  • Imperial Holdings Limited is a South African holding company that is listed on the JSE. Imperial started up as a single car dealership in Johannesburg. Since the company’s founding in 1948, it has grown into a powerhouse logistics and motoring company that employs over 48,000 people over 33 countries (mainly in Africa and Europe).

  • Imperial Holdings operate under two main sectors, namely the logistics sector and the motor vehicle sector. Imperial Logistics generates roughly 40% of the company income, with 67% of that revenue being generated outside of South Africa. Imperial Logistics provide transport solutions for big and small companies alike. Whereas Motus, the motor vehicle specialists generate roughly 60% of the company income by importing, distributing, selling and renting cars, as well as providing post-sale services and parts for sold vehicles. Most of Motus’ income is generated within South Africa.

Imperial Holdings Shares Growth Driver

  • Right from the start, Imperial was focussed on excellent client service and was driven by financial performance. It took daring entrepreneurial courage to expand the business from a single motor dealership to the multinational company it is today. The Imperial group was not afraid to start up new businesses from scratch, nor was it afraid to acquire and consolidate pre-existing businesses into the Imperial group.

  • Throughout its history, Imperial Holdings did not shy away from risk, but they also didn’t go into new business deals or acquisitions blindly. As the company continues to grow, they thoroughly inspect the markets into which they plan to insert themselves, either by acquisition or by starting out new branches of the Imperial brand afresh.

  • Imperial Holdings create value based on three main concepts or ideas; strategic clarity, organisational simplicity and disciplined capital management. With reference to strategic clarity, the group assesses their capabilities within the various disciplines under which they operate. From there they can streamline the portfolios of each asset, to create the optimum amount of wealth for the group. The group keeps abreast of trends and changes in the logistics and automotive industries and adjusts their targets and products accordingly, with the focus on customer satisfaction. Organisational simplicity simply implies that the group runs an effective shop. Imperial olding’s leadership structure is set up to optimise decision making and streamline the completion of tasks. Disciplined capital management is a key factor that led to the group’s expansion. Imperial continually reassesses their investments and assets, so as to ensure profitability stays at a maximum
    level. Each operational division within the group is also strongly encouraged to be independent and self-sustained.

  • Over the past few years the group has shown a steady increase in profits, as they pushed up their profit margins from R6 billion in 2013 to R6.5 billion in 2017.

Imperial Holdings Investor Tip

  • Imperial Holdings will continue re-investing in their South African ventures, so as to uphold the leading quality of their brand. The group also wants to increase their presence in Africa, to improve on the transportation of goods throughout the continent.

Imperial Holdings Major Shareholders

  • Sector

    Travel and Leisure

  • Industry

    Transport and Logistics

  • Sub industry

    Logistics, supply chain management and retail

How to buy Imperial Holdings Shares

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