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Background of Investec Limited

  • Investec Limited provides services that are related to banking and investment. The company does most of its transactions in South Africa, the United Kingdom and in Australia, although it does have some small operations in other countries as well. Investec offers speciality banking solutions (such as lending, transactional banking, advice on investment and trading and so on) to high income individuals, high net worth Companies and government. Investec also offers advice on asset and investment management to large institutions.

  • Investec employs 9900 people over 5 continents and 40 cities. Investec forms part of a dual listed company on the JSE, with Investec Ltd registered in South Africa and Investec plc listed in the United Kingdom. This dual company trades both on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and on the London Stock Exchange and manages assets of almost 29 billion Rand.

  • Investec was founded in 1974 as a small finance company in Johannesburg, but has since grown to be one of the biggest players in the game here in South Africa. The company also has substantial holdings in the UK and in Australia.

Investec Limited Shares Growth Driver

  • Investec was built on strong entrepreneurial spirit, and that is what still drives the companies’ steady growth today. Tailor making banking solutions for clients, whether they are individuals or big corporates, adds to Investec’s success. They believe that every transaction revolves around the client. This attitude made the company popular under high end clients and is still attracting new wealth every day.

  • After successfully acquiring a banking licence and merging with a well known trust company, Investec was first listed on the JSE in 1986. In quick succession, Investec acquired some other well known property, finance and banking companies and in 1992 they acquired their first international bank, namely the Allied Trust Bank Limited, in London. This did not end their international stint, as they acquired more London based brokers and even got a controlling asset in an Israeli bank over the next couple of years. In 1997, they opened a branch in Australia, bought a company in Mauritius and established a representative office in Hong Kong. They also opened trade on other African based stock exchanges. And so the list of acquisitions goes on. The most recent acquisition made by Investec was done in 2012, when they acquired a controlling asset of Neontar Limited in Ireland.

Investec Limited Investor Tip

  • Guided by integrity, Investec keeps open relations with all of their clients. Combined with decades of experience in the finance world and a keen eye for changes in the international markets, Investec is a well established finance provider. The recent sell-off of Australian assets and the change of focus from banking to a more advisory role in Australia shows that Investec is not afraid of change and that they are prepared to shuffle around their assets to keep business booming.

Investec Limited Major Shareholders

  • Sector

    Financial Services

  • Industry

    Banking and Finance

  • Sub industry

    lending, transactional banking, treasury and trading, advisory and investment.

How to buy Investec Limited Group Shares

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