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Background of Investec PLC

  • Investec Plc is a subsidiary of Investec Limited is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE).The Investec group has over 10,000 employees worldwide and has offices in 44 cities across the globe.

  • Investec Plc is a specialist bank that operates across the globe with major centres in Africa and the UK. The bank focuses on three main banking activities namely investment banking, corporate and institutional banking and private banking. They provide tailor-made solutions for all of their clients, whether individuals or corporates.

Investec PLC Shares Growth Driver

  • Starting out as a small finance company, Investec has grown into a multi-national investment and banking company that manages over ₤150 billion’s worth of assets for their clients. As the company grew over the decades, they expanded into the international sphere and currently have operations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom. In 2002 Investec split their holdings into Investec Plc, which operates mainly in the UK and Europe, and Investec Ltd, operating in Southern Africa.

  • Investec Bank strives to generate wealth for their clients through carefully investing their money in lucrative, unlisted companies that have a proven track record of sound financial growth. The bank’s corporate and institutional banking serves high-income corporate clients, as well as some public sector bodies and institutions. The bank provides these clients with specialised lending services and helps them to make sound investments and optimise spending. The private banking sector of Investec Bank targets wealthy professionals and high net worth individuals who are looking to increase their capital.

  • Since its inception, Investec Bank has been providing clients with sound investment advice, tailoring each investment option specifically to the needs of the client. The bank values integrity and strives to build a personal, long-term open and honest relationship with all of their clients. The company was started with daring, entrepreneurial spirit, something that still plays a major role in how the bank operates to date, as Investec Bank has a specific lending service for entrepreneurs.

  • From a spectacular history of acquisition and adaptation, it is clear that Investec will keep on growing and adapting as the international markets change. The company take painstaking effort to keep their business organic, through acquiring promising ventures and letting go of investments that do not serve a purpose to the company.

Investec PLC Group Investor Tip

  • Investec Bank has a great track record and has good insight into the international investment banking scene. With a bank that has shown great wisdom in its acquisitions and investments, one cannot go wrong. The fact that investors can get the opportunity to invest in both the JSE and the LSE through the company’s dual-listed companies structure makes it all the more reason to invest with Investec.

  • Sector

    Financial Services

  • Industry

    Banking and Finance

  • Sub industry

    Lending, transactional services, investments, insurance, asset management

How to buy Investec PLC Group Shares

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