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Background of Investec PLC

  • Investec is best termed as an international, specialist bank and asset management company that focuses on providing a diverse range of financial products and services for sale to a niche client base in three principal markets: the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia, in addition to smaller markets in other countries.

  • Investec was initialy established as a small leasing and financing company in 1974 in Johannesburg by Larry Nestadt, Errol Grolman and Ian Kantor. From this humble history it has since grown and expanded through a combination of organic growth and strategic moves to buy other companies. Investec shares are available to buy on the London Stock Exchange and started trading on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in 1986 after merging with Metboard, a trust company.

  • Investec’s portfolio of services includes banking, financing, lending, investing, equities, commodities, financial advisory services, property development, acquisition and fund management and stockbroking.

  • The company’s market cap currently stands at R30.66 billion. The live online stocks chart shows that Investec share price has enjoyed strong gains over the past five years, although performance has recently been dealt a blow but the weak rand.

Investec PLC Shares Growth Driver

  • Investec’s operations are split into seven primary divisions, namely Asset Management, Weath & Investment, Private Banking, Specialist Banking, Investment Banking, Property and Capital Markets.

  • The Asset Management and Wealth and Investment divisions recorded the strongest growth in 2015, growing by 8.8% and 9.5% respectively. Specialist Banking also registered significant growth and is forecast to be a big contributor to Investec’s profits and Investec share price in future.

  • Despite difficult trade conditions, Investec has effectively managed to penetrate its key markets and has a history of remaining fairly stable through tough times. The tide is starting to turn in a positive direction for economies in South Africa and the UK, which remain a critical factor in determining the group’s future success.

Investec PLC Group Investor Tip

  • Investec has produced solid results during the last couple of years but weaker market conditions and overall growth concerns have recently weighed on the stock and Investec share price has come down from its December 2015 peak of more than R120 to just above R100 by mid-2016.

  • In volatile and irrational markets, good-quality assets can be bought at relatively low prices and Investec is one of them. According to the bank, their opinion is that most of the negatives surrounding the falling rand have been factored in already, meaning that there should now be a return to profitability for the company and investors who purchase Investec shares.

  • As the economy starts to turn and Investec continues to diversify and expand its services through digital platforms, acquisitions and better penetration of exisiting markets, Investec looks to be a fairly good share to buy.

Investec PLC Major Shareholders

Public Investment Corporation, Allan Gray, Black Rock, Sanlam Group.

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How to buy Investec PLC Group Shares

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