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Invicta Holdings Limited shares

Background of Invicta

  • Invicta Holdings Ltd is a company that trades as an investment holdings and management business. The company’s registered headquarters can be found in Cape Town, South Africa. The company has been listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange since 1989. Invicta Holdings acquired Invicta Bearings Limited in 1991 – it would quickly become Invicta’s primary focus, resulting in other existing companies to be sold. During the group’s trade in the nineties, many other companies were added, namely: Autobax, Northmec, and CSE. In July of the new century, Invicta acquired Bearing Man. This move would see a significant share repurchase program over the five years that followed.

  • In 2013, Kian Ann – a company in Singapore that distributes to over fifty countries – was acquired by Invicta. The group has also made other notable acquisitions that include: Equipment Spare Parts, Man-Dirk, HPE and Hyflo.

  • As of 2018, Invicta invests more divert more effort into its inner fundemental expertise core competencies of industrial consumables, and capital equipment and spare parts. The company initiated this move by selling its building supply group, BSG. Invicta boasts assets
    totalling R10billion and manages over 4500 across the globe.

Invicta Shares Growth Driver

  • Invicta Holdings has managed to achieve a consistent growth level through its prolific reign as an investment holding and management company. A key considering fact of the company’s success can be analysed in this exact longevity. Managing to stay afloat through difficult times, like they have, stands as a firm testimony with regard to their growth sustainability.

  • In addition to their savvy ability to keep the group with the times, Invicta has also achieved a sound level of consistency in the management of their company. Today, they proudly manage over 4500 employees with a high level of success. This strength in management has been instrumental in Invicta’s bid to maintain a R9.6 billion tally in revenue in 2018.

  • Invicta’s further success formula can be traced to their ability to make and maintain strong investments. This point can especially be analysed within an international context. Their dealings abroad contributes a notable 23% of their revenue, which is a factor that cannot go unnoticed. This level of investment diversity has bolstered the group’s ability to benefit on multiple levels.

Invicta Investor Tip

  • Invicta has maintained a solid growth that has seen their revenue skyrocket to the R10 billion mark. In an often fragile South African market in recent times, Invicta has managed to continue trading at a strong pace. The company’s operating profit paid out to shareholders has exceeded R526 million in 2018 alone, which should make potential investors excited with anticipation.

  • Invicta runs tight and professional trade policy when it comes to their dealings. This level of business professionalism has been present for decades, and should be an encouragement to potential investors. Invicta’s business ethic will provide a clear indication that they will maintain
    their current status.

  • Invicta consistently aims to increase profit and returns. The group manages investsments with key attention given to maintianing growth and innovating on their existing portfolio – that is internationally known. These factors will ensure a high level of growth likelihood that will stand
    as an exciting future outlook.

  • Sector

    Investment holdings

  • Industry

    Industrial consumables

  • Sub industry

    Capital equipment

How to buy Invicta Group Shares

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