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Background of Kaap Agri

  • Kaap Agri is a South African agricultural group with a history stretching back into 1912. The company boasts more than 200 operating points in 95 areas across South Africa and in Namibia.
  • The group had its origins when farmers in the Swartland region decided to jointly buy bird manure to use as fertilizer. Since then, the company has expanded rapidly through various amalgamations and organic growth.
  • Today, Kaap Agri comprises several divisions, including Agrimark, Liquormark, Pakmark, Wesgraan, Agrilog, Kaap Agri Mechanisation, Expressmark and the Fuel Company. The company’s portfolio of products includes irrigation systems, farming equipment, alcoholic beverages, parts for sale, packaging material, diesel and petrol, and grains.
  • Kaap Agri shares were listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in 2005 and relisted in 2017. Kaap Agri share price has risen substantially in recent years, despite difficult trade conditions within the agricultural sector. The group has a JSE market cap of R3.8 billion.

Kaap Agri Shares Growth Driver

  • Kaap Agri has become a large and respected name in the agricultural sector, managing to grow through the amalgamation of various cooperatives and companies. The group has also diversified significantly, extending its operations to include sectors outside the farming industry, such as transport and retail.

  • Kaap Agri’s latest financial data was impressive, with profits increasing by 12.3% and dividends growing by 10.9% in the 6 months ended March 2017. With concerted capital investment in upgrades to agricultural and retial sites, and the addition of fuel stations, the group has managed to shield itself from the tough economic conditions being experienced in South Africa. All business channels delivered a strong performance, and retail and fuel turnover exceeded all forecasts. Coming on the back of a productive year in 2016, the group’s financial results illustrate some exceptional sustainability by Kaap Agri.
  • While agricultural conditions in the northern parts of the company have improved due to good rainfall, the main areas in which Kaap Agri operates are still under extreme pressure due to the drought. The company does however expect above-market growth in the retail sector as new and improved offerings start to contribute. Retail fuel growth will continue to be an aggressive part of the group’s expansion strategy.
  • The group’s dedicated Business Development division has identified new opportunities to enter into mergers, which should benefit investors who purchase Kaap Agri shares. Kaap Agri share price increased from R30 in August 2016, to R52 in August 2017, with further growth anticipated in the future.

Kaap Agri Investor Tip

  • The rapid expansion of the company, as well as the continued strength of Kaap Agri share price, indicates that Kaap Agri is a healthy company run with expertise and good business strategies. The live online JSE stocks chart shows that Kaap Agri has outperformed the majority of its sector peers, thanks to savvy diversification and steady expansion of the group’s footprint. Investors looking to buy into the agricultural sector should look no further than Kaap Agri shares.

Kaap Agri Major Shareholders

Zeder Investments
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    General Retailers

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    Retail and Agriculture

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    Retail and Agriculture

How to buy Kaap Agri Shares

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