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Background of Kibo Energy PLC

  • Kibo Energy PLC is a mineral exploration company that is focused on developing mineral rights and mines in Tanzania. The company is listed under the AltX division of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and the AIM division of the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Both of these divisions cater for start-up companies which has considerable assets, but not enough to be listed on the main board of a stock exchange.

  • Kibo is busy developing thermal coal power projects in Tanzania, Botswana and Mozambique. All of these countries provide a stable platform for the company to explore, develop and build coal mines that can deliver coal for combustion at local power plants. The company has also secured a spot in the UK reserve power market through negotiating a successful acquisition in a UK based power company.

Kibo Energy PLC Shares Growth Driver

  • Southern Africa is facing an energy shortage and Kibo Energy is making a name for itself through providing feasible and economical solutions to the problem. The company has an 85% share in the Mabesekwa Coal Independent Project, which is a coal power development project in Botswana. The project is currently still in at a feasibility level, but with a total coal resource of 777 million tonne, everything seems to be in place to go ahead and start the development of a coal mine that will produce 3.2 million tonnes per annum to a proposed 600 MW coal to power plant.

  • Kibo’s biggest development is the Mbeya Coal to Power Project in southern Tanzania. The feasibility study has been finalised and the company has signed a purchase agreement with TANESCO, the Tanzanian state owned power utility. As part of the project’s social responsibility, Kibo has already opened two classrooms at local schools, allowing locals access to formal education.

  • The company has large interests in the Imweru and Lubando Gold Project in the north of Tanzania. The project is in its final stages of development, with the company finalising the mine optimisation report and the mine design.

Kibo Energy PLC Group Investor Tip

  • Even though the company’s coal resources in both Tanzania and Botswana are not on par with some of the larger coal resources in South Africa, the company is in an excellent position to provide Southern Africa with much needed electricity. Botswana has a much smaller population than South Africa and therefore does not need such immense amounts of coal to power their thermal coal electricity generating plants. Tanzania, on the other hand is in dire need of electricity and as such the Mbeya Coal to Power Project will definitely be a success. It might be true that the rest of the world is moving away from fossil fuels as energy source, but in Africa there is still a long way to go to provide the entire population with power, so for now coal is still a very attractive energy solution.

  • Sector


  • Industry

    Mining and Exploration

  • Sub industry

    Coal to Power, gold and platinum group metals

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