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Background of KORE POTASH PLC

  • Kore Potash PLC is an advanced stage mineral exploration and development company. They are incorporated in the United Kingdom and are listed on the London, Australian and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges. The company owns the Dougou Mining Lease in the Republic of Congo, as well as 97% percent of the Sintoukola Potash SA (SPSA) project (also in Congo), which in turn owns Kola Mining Lease wherein the Kola Sylvenite deposit forms the company’s main project, and the Dougou Carnallitite deposit follows closely on its heels.

KORE POTASH PLC Shares Growth Driver

  • Exploration for Potash started in 2010 and in 2012 the first resource estimation was announced. The initial report overestimated tonnage slightly and underestimated the ore grade, but it was enough to spark the interest of international investors and to get a mining license and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) approval for the Kola deposit. In 2015 a resource estimate for the Dougou Carnallitite deposit was completed and in 2017 a mining license for the Dougou area was also approved.

  • The Definite Feasibility Study (DFS) for the Kola Sylvinite Project, in which aspects such as mining, ore processing, ore transport and ore export are being assessed is expected to be released in the next couple of months. Once the study has been released construction will start on the mine.

  • With indicated and measured Potash resources of 508 million tonnes at grades of up to 35.4% at the Kola Sylvenite deposit and 1.1 billion tonnes of measured and indicated potash resources at grades of 20.6% at the Dougou deposit, Kore Potash plc is sitting on a goldmine of potash (figuratively speaking of course). The Kola Sylvenite deposit is one of the highest grade potassium deposits in the world and once production starts, the company will be producing roughly two million tonnes of potash per annum.

  • Even though Kore Potash plc has not started constructing a mine, which will alleviate unemployment in the Sintoukola area, they already have a positive impact on the local community. The company has installed water boreholes in the villages of Koutou and Yanika, and they have also provided local communities with water drums. Apart from this, Kore Potash has also distributed disease resistant cultivars of cassava to 11 villages in the Kouilou area, where people rely heavily on cassava production but struggle to grow crops because of disease and pestilence under the plants.

KORE POTASH PLC Group Investor Tip

  • Potash is used mostly in agricultural fertilisers, with minor applications in industry and soap manufacturing. With the ever increasing global population food security will become more important than it already is. To secure food production, fertiliser needs to be produced and almost
    all commercial fertilisers contain Potash.

  • As one of the highest grade Potash deposits in the world, Kore Potash plc can supply a high grade product to fertiliser companies and help keep the world from starving.

KORE POTASH PLC Major Shareholders

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    General Mining

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    Mineral exploration and development

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