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Background of LIBSTAR

  • Libstar is a very well established, company with over a decade of experience. The company was formed in 2005 – trading as an investment holding company that’s primary effort is to focus on investing into companies operating in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market. The company focuses intently on food, beverage, household and personal care market segments.

  • Libstar trades from their headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Libstar group is made up of 28 business units that operate across the country on 31 different sites, proudly established in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape and the Eastern Cape.

  • Libstar takes away the inconvenience of having to source a wide range of products from multiple suppliers. The company steps in to conveniently provide the luxury of a ranging choice from a single, familiar source with a presence across the country in both a manufacturing and distribution capacity. The Libstar group centralizes their efforts into supplying the far reaching needs of the foods service industry, private label segments of larger retailers and the manufacturing of products for brand owners. In addition, the company also focuses on its own branded products.

  • Libsatar focuses on acquisition of controlling-equity stakes in business that have high growth potential and well-established management capabilities.

LIBSTAR Shares Growth Driver

  • Libstar has had continued success in a highly competitive market for 13 years and counting. The industry they have injected themselves into, is an unforgiving and non-compromising beast that only expects proficiency, which Libstar has maintained expertly. The company enjoys very big private label solutions, namely: Shoprite, Massmart, Clicks, OK, Pic n Pay, Woolworths, Spar, Trade Joe’s, Checker, Loblaw, Spineys Food, Food Lovers Market and Boxer.

  • Libstar continues to invest significant efforts into maintaining profitable relationships with the above-mentioned powerhouse brands in the foods and products industries, respectively. It is of little surprise that the group enjoys a market leading supply status in the private label food, beverage, household and personal care products industries.

  • Libstar’s very own attribution to the key of their success can be seen in their people first approach. Libstar proudly focuses on paving long-term and meaningful partnerships with key businesses. The group also continuously encourages innovation and entrepreneurial qualities, through corporate discipline and governance. The success behind this savvy business approach can only be realized in its totality through analyzing the group’s most precious assets; its people and customers.

LIBSTAR Group Investor Tip

  • Increased acquisitions of sound businesses has seen Libstar’s share and market relevance grow astronomically since their inception in 2005. The company has grown to exceeding revenues of R7 billion, annually.

  • It does not take much research to figure out that the Libstar group is run with a proud professional and innovative approach. The company’s well established business foundations speak volumes, which is a fact that should be applauded by all stakeholders. The company continues to realise the importance of stable management and savvy resource policies.

  • Libstar has experience in a wide range of businesses and product types. The simple truth of the matter is, the demand for general products and food will only rise, in union with population growth. The promise of increased future demand, make Libstar shares very attractive indeed.

LIBSTAR Major Shareholders

  • Sector

    Fast Moving Consumer Goods

  • Industry

    Consumer Products

  • Sub industry

    Foods & household products

How to buy LIBSTAR Group Shares

  • LIBSTAR : How to buy LIBSTAR Group Shares Online

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