London Finance and Investment Group PLC. JSE: LNF

Background of Lonfin

  • London Finance and Investment Group (Lonfin) is an investment finance and management company with a two-pronged portfolio that focuses on strategic investments in smaller companies and a general portfolio comprising a broad range of investments in major USA, UK and European companies.

  • The company has a long history on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), having been listed since 1924, and also has a listing on the London Stock Exchange.

  • The group’s strategy involves investing in a portfolio of liquid stock market investments, both in equity instruments and bonds, along with other investments in property and physical assets. Strategic investments today include a 43.8% stake in Western Selection and other material interests in food and beverages, natural resources, chemicals and tobacco. Companies include Northbridge Industrial Services, Swallowfield, Bilby, Hartim Limited and Finsbury Food Group. The £9 million investment in Finsbury equates to 50% of Lonfin’s net asset value. Managerial and office duties are carried out by the company’s subsidiary City Group.

Lonfin Shares Growth Driver

  • Lonfin’s performance can be influenced by overall stock market performance in the short term. In order to ameliorate this risk, the group has a balanced mix between strategic investments and a general portfolio, allowing Lonfin share price to outperform the broader market in the medium to long term and allowing for diversified exposure to international equity markets.

  • The 2015 financial year saw Lonfin buy a larger stake in Finsbury Foods, increasing the company’s overall value by 23%. Strategic investments yielded a 2.7% return, whilst the general portfolio yielded a 2.9% return. Profits improved from a £43 000 loss in 2014 to a £1.9 million profit, also largely due to Lonfin’s committed buy in to Finsbury. Within strategic investments, Western Selection performed well, increasing profits to £2.8 million from £449 000 the previous year, while Finsbury also increased profits from £5 million to £8.9 million.

  • Meanwhile, Lonfin believes that the general portfolio, which comprises 26 different companies, comprises quality companies with good potential to outperform the market. As a result of its positive financial data year-on-year, the live online share price chart shows that Lonfin share price has climbed steadily from around R2 in 2012 to R7.50 by September 2016.

Lonfin Investor Tip

  • South African investors will look to buy Lonfin shares as a rand hedge, and the group has consistently offered good returns and dividends to small investors. Lonfin is a local share that offers access to some of the top companies in the UK and Europe, and produces steady returns in the long term. Stocks in the UK have been volatile recently, but Lonfin share price has managed to remain strong, making this a good rand hedge purchase for South African investors.

Lonfin Major Shareholders

WT Lamb Holdings, Philip J Milton & Company.

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  • Industry

    Asset Management

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    Investment Management

How to buy Lonfin Group Shares

  • Lonfin : How to buy Lonfin Group Shares Online

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