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Background of Mainland Real Estate

  • Mainland Real Estate Ltd operates as a real estate investment company. The Company offers private equity, fund management, capital consultation, and financial services. Mainland Real Estate serves customers worldwide. The company was established in Mauritius on 2 February 2016 as a category 1 Global Business License company. Mainland’s share price and shares were live listed on the Official Market of the SEM with commencement of trade on Monday, 23 May 2016. It conducts its business from Mauritius.

  • Mainland Real Estate Limited is an active company incorporated on 14 June 2001 with the registered office located in Greater London. Mainland Real Estate Limited has been running for more than 15 years. There is currently one active director and one active secretary according to the latest annual data submitted on 14 June 2016. The company’s primary objective is to acquire and invest in global real estate assets and companies, predominantly situated in the United Kingdom and selected Western European jurisdictions, specifically the Netherlands and Germany, which the board believes will deliver suitable returns for investors through both income and capital growth. Investments will be made predominantly in the office, industrial, warehousing and logistics sectors.

Mainland Real Estate Shares Growth Driver

  • Mainland will follow a dual strategy approach to its real estate investments whereby it will gain exposure to real estate through: Firstly its investments in listed and unlisted shares and securities of real estate companies (indirect). Secondly through portfolios of fixed property assets which it will own either directly or through subsidiaries (direct exposure). In addition, the company may invest in cash and other debt securities. The company’s investments may be held directly or through its own subsidiaries incorporated in various appropriate jurisdictions for the purpose of maximizing tax efficiencies of the company’s investments.

  • In respect of the direct exposure, the directors of Mainland wish to follow a total return strategy comprising a value-added focus together with a strong income focus and believe attractive real estate investment opportunities exist in these sectors and region. As such, the company will target the acquisition of real estate assets that offers a combination of income generating assets. In respect of the indirect exposure, investments in listed real estate securities may be made from time to time where this is justified by pricing differentials between direct real estate and real estate securities.

  • It is the wide held board view that Mainland will present an attractive opportunity to South African real estate investors through the Mainland stock price and its shareholders. Accordingly, Mainland is seeking a listing on the Alternative Exchange to firstly broaden its investor base and source additional capital to fund growth aspirations. Mainland also looks to provide invited investors the opportunity to participate directly in the income streams and future capital growth of the company and provide invited investors with an additional market that allows the investor to purchase the company’s shares. In order to take advantage of these opportunities it is necessary for the company to be able to raise the required capital.

  • The benefit of a dual listing is that it allows the company to raise capital in South Africa and Mauritius, having regard to the strength of the directors’ relationships and the known interest of investors in both jurisdictions. Given Mainland’s relatively small executive team, it will rely on external parties to source and undertake initial evaluation of potential investment opportunities for presentation to the board. Key in this regard will be Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed entity’s relationship with the property and transaction manager. It is the view of the board that property and transaction manager has the appropriate expertise in sourcing direct real estate assets in the United Kingdom.

Mainland Real Estate Group Investor Tip

  • Mainland’s South African private placement comprises an offer to subscribe for up to 300 000 shares at the issued Mainland price payable in rands which is equivalent to GBP2.00 per Mainland share determined at the prevailing live online GBP:ZAR exchange rate at 12:00 (South African time) on Monday, 5 December 2016. Mainland has the right to increase the number of shares being offered in terms of the SA private placement, subject to overall investor buy demand.

  • The SA private placement shares will be offered for subscription to invited investors in South Africa. No offer will be made to the public in respect of the SA private placement. The shares will only be put up for sale in dematerialised form. No certificated shares will be issued. With initial investors that have been invited to apply being able do so by completing the SA private placement application form attached to the company’s pre-listing statement.

  • Invited investors are said to provide Mainland with their irrevocable indications of interest by 12:00 South African time on Monday, 5 December 2016. Invited investors will be informed of their allocated shares, if any, by Tuesday, 6 December 2016, when the collated applications will be provided to the South African transfer secretaries and Strate. Invited investors must make the necessary arrangements to enable their CSDP to make payment for the allocated shares on the settlement date. The allocated private placement shares will be transferred, on a “delivery-versus-payment” basis, to successful invited investors on the settlement date, which is expected to be Friday, 9 December 2016.

  • Immediately prior to the listing, the issued share capital of Mainland will comprise 591 100 ordinary no par value shares. Assuming that 300 000 shares are issued in terms of the SA private placement, immediately after the SA private placement and the listing on the Alternative Exchange the issued share capital of the company will comprise 891100 ordinary shares of no par value. The anticipated market capitalisation of the company will be approximately GBP 1.27 million (approximately ZAR 22 million). The proceeds from the SA private placement together with existing cash resources will be used to settle the costs associated with the SA private placement, the listing on the Alternative Exchange, provide sufficient working capital and to make investments in accordance with the company’s investment policy.

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