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MC Mining Limited

Background of MC Mining Ltd

  • MC Mining Ltd (MCM) is a mining company that focuses on high-quality coking and thermal coal assets. The company is based in South Africa’s most northern province, Limpopo. In 2017, MC Mining purchased the Uitkomst Colliery, which caused a shift in the company’s focus to operation from project development. MC Mining was formerly known as Coal of Africa Limited (CoAL). Their name change received shareholder approval in November 2017. MCM focuses on metallurgical coal assets and is listed on the AIM, ASX and Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

  • MCM’s slogan is: “Powering and empowering the nation.” The company’s current projects include: Uitkomst Colliery, Makhado Project, Vele Colliery, Greater Soutpansberg Projects and Tshipise Energy. The company’s corporate office can be found in Sandton, South Africa.

MC Mining Ltd Shares Growth Driver

  • MC Mining strong growth statistics can be attributed to various factors, both on a internal policy and trade perspective. The company works tirelessly to power and empower South Africa. This philosophy plays well within their hands to establish a company that has a solid record within the community. A trustworthy approach such as this, has earned MCM a solid foundation from which to boost trade.

  • MCM has excellent access to both rail and port infrastructure, which has allowed them to service the domestic and international markets with efficiency and ease. This factor has assisted MCM to not only boost their own share, but also South Africa’s economic growth.

  • MCM operates within morally sensitive and environmentally conscious parameters. Within the current day and age, these attributes are key to business sustainability and success. Avoiding the ramifications of unethical trade, has boosted MCM’s ability to attract customers, both locally and abroad. MCM has also maintained a strong leadership approach which applies, both, business savvy and managerial proficiency.

MC Mining Ltd Group Investor Tip

  • Thermal coal is an absolutely vital resource to modern life. In South Africa alone, 77% of the electricity consumed is directly due to thermal coal. For now and the foreseeable future, coal will remain an essential commodity. Within this context, MCM is handsomely placed to enjoy a further successful growth period.

  • MCM is very well-placed within an international perspective. Internationally, thermal coal is responsible for 40% of all electricity.  This fact is unlikely to change for decades to come, as a sustainable alternative is still far off. Along with this fact and the rising demand from China and India, MCM should enjoy continued and amplified demand.

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How to buy MC Mining Ltd Group Shares

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