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Background of Mine Restoration Investments

  • Mine Restoration Investments Ltd. (MRI) is an environmental services company that is listed on the AltX sector of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The MRI group is focussed on mitigating the impact that mining operations have on the environment. There are two sides to MRI’s business operations.

  • Firstly, the company produces charcoal briquettes from coal fines, which is mostly unusable coal material that makes up roughly 10% of what comes out of South African coal mines. Coal fines are still highly combustible, it is just too fine to ship to major coal consumers such as Eskom. MRI owns a coal fines screening and briquetting plant close to Vryheid in South Africa, from where briquettes were sold until the plant came under care and maintenance.

  • The second leg of MRI’s operations is in dealing with Acid Mine Drainage (AMD). This has become a considerable problem in the Witwatersrand basin, because of all the mining activity that takes place in and around Gauteng. AMD is when water becomes acidic because of high sulphur content in the waste water from mine dumps. This acidic water leaches into the groundwater and contaminates the groundwater table, which in turn has a negative effect on crop growth and in some instances even on surface water.

Mine Restoration Investments Shares Growth Driver

  • The company started up because of an ever increasing awareness of the negative impact that mining can have on the environment, and has had in certain areas in South Africa. MRI wanted to abate the heavy environmental impact that coal mining has in South Africa and as such they have developed quite a few processes to counteract the impact that coal mining has on the environment. The company worked with Keaton Energy to develop a briquetting process whereby they used coal fines to produce briquettes for braai purposes.

  • Tasked by the Department of Water Affairs to find solution to the acid mine drainage problem in Gauteng, MRI worked with the CSIR to develop a purification process whereby AMD water could be neutralised. Even though a bankable feasibility study has been handed to the South African government, the Department of Water Affairs still haven’t decided whether or not they want to make use of this process.  

Mine Restoration Investments Group Investor Tip

  • With environmental awareness rising around the globe, companies that are doing research into how to mitigate environmental problems have a bright future. Apart from the coal fines and AMD mitigating processes that MRI has had a hand in developing, the company is also looking to get into the chrome industry and have also developed a way to use thermal coal to extract superfine iron ore. It is clear that this company has a lot of good ideas on how to make the mining industry more environmentally friendly.

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    Mine rehabilitation

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    Rehabilitation of coal mines

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