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Background of NAMPAK LTD

  • Nampak Ltd is a company that is based in South Africa and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The company's headquarters can be found in Sandton, South Africa. Nampak was established in 1968 and operates as a a manufacturer of and designer of packaging – it is
    actually the largest and most diversified packaging company in Africa.

  • In addition to its impressive packaging portfolio, Nampak also boats with a subsidiary – BecCan – that is one of the largest aluminium can producers in Africa. The company is also focused on expanding trade further into Africa, is already established in a whole host of countries, namely: Nigeria, Tanzania, Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, United Kingdom, Zambia, Zimbabwe. The company has also served in the United Kingdom.

  • Nampak currently has over 6420 employees.

NAMPAK LTD Shares Growth Driver

  • Nampak is well established as the largest packaging company on Africa. This status is one that has been deservedly earned through years of hard work and strategising. Nampak writes about their strategu: "Our strategy is our plan to get the best out of our business over the near to medium term, and then grow in pursuit of our vision, which is to provide best-in-class packaging throughout sub-Saharan Africa. This approach has been vital in their bid to reach the top.

  • In recent times, Nampak has also embraced the need for sustainable packing, a factor that is absolutely vital to their longevity. The climate topic has grown quickly within recent years, and has become so relevant that companies have been faced with widespread scrutiny. Nampak
    ability to recognise their responsibility in providing sustainable packaging solutions has earned them accolades that will contribute to their continued growth.

  • Nampak consistently innovates on existing methods. Within a global context, this consideration has been a key factor to their success. In addition to their innovative trade, Nampak has also sustained an impressive social policy, especially through their corporate social investment

NAMPAK LTD Group Investor Tip

  • Nampak has reported very impressive financial highlights. The company saw an HEPS increase by 10% to 132.0 cents per share. Nampak has enjoyed a net gearing improvement to 39% from 51% – which has further enhanced their financial position. The company trading profit increased to R1.2 billion, which is up by 7%. In terms of revenue, Nampak increased by 2% up to R8.8 billion.

  • In addition to their impressive growth statistics, investors can also be encouraged by the company's continued bid to improve products and trade, while remaining environmentally responsible. Nampak responsible approach promises further growth and relevance within the market they already dominate.

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How to buy NAMPAK LTD Group Shares

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