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NEPI Rockcastle PLC

Background of NEPI Rockcastle

  • NEPI Rockcastle PLC is a commercial property investor and development company. The company acquires and develops properties while it also manages retail assets. The company’s main focus is on the Eastern and Central European retail market and it is currently listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as well as Euronext Amsterdam. NEPI Rockcastle has grown over the years and as a result it has become the leading property development and investment group. Today, it is among the top ten groups in Continental Europe, based on Market Capitalisation.

  • Currently, NEPI Rockcastle has a portfolio boasting properties from all over the world. They have a dominant position in Poland, Slovakia, and Romania while they have a powerful presence in Croatia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Hungary. As the group continues to expand, they will grow into the other Eastern and Central European Markets.

  • The key to the success of the NEPI Rockcastle group has been their carefully planned approach. They are known for their corporate culture which is strongly focused on planning, execution, sustainability, ethics and their early risk assessment. NEPI Rockcastle is monitored by 3 investment groups: Standard & Poor’s (BBB, stable), Fitch (BBB, stable) and Moody’s (Baa3, positive).

NEPI Rockcastle Shares Growth Driver

  • Along with their continuous expansions, NEPI Rockcastle has experienced a profitable merger in the last few years. The company formed out of a merger of the New Europe Property Investments (NEPI) and Rockcastle Global Real Estate. Together, they became the largest real estate group to be listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.In 2017, the newly merged property group announced its first set of results on the JSE which proved to be impressive.

  • NEPI Rockcastle does a lot of its investments in dominant retail real estate and focuses on the fast growing Eastern and Central European markets. The group owns more than 50 income producing assets, with many other assets currently in development phases. In the last year, in the wake of the merger, the company’s shares did take a dip, but it is now back on track with investors starting to take a lot more interest in this property group.

NEPI Rockcastle Group Investor Tip

  • NEPI Rockcastle gives South African investors the perfect opportunity to break into the European market and enjoy the growth of this property group. Eastern and Central Europe has overcome numerous difficulties and is now offers quite a stable investment opportunity that is sure to grow over the years that you have your shares. 45.8% of the company shares have been issued to date.

NEPI Rockcastle Major Shareholders

The three largest shareholders are the Fortress Income Fund, Resilient Reit Limited, and the Government Employees Pension Fund (a public investment corporation).

  • Sector


  • Industry

    Property Investment

  • Sub industry

    Shopping Center Construction

How to buy NEPI Rockcastle Group Shares

  • NEPI Rockcastle : How to buy NEPI Rockcastle Group Shares Online

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