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Background of Net 1 UEPS Technologies

  • Net 1 UEPS Technologies is a payment solutions and transaction processing services company incorporated in Florida, USA, which has developed and markets a smart card payment system for sale to underbanked and unbanked demographics in developing economies.

  • The company’s universal electronic payment system (UEPS) uses biometric real-time smart cards that can be used offline for transactions with other card holders, even in remote areas. The group has established a strong presence in South Africa, where its technology is used for pension and welfare payments, and services include debit and credit payments on behalf of retailers through the EasyPay system. Other value-added services include bill payments and prepaid electricity for issuers and local councils, payroll payments and mobile phone top-up transactions for major mobile carriers.

  • In the United States, the company develops and provides secure transaction technology solutions, transaction processing, financial services and online real-time healthcare management solutions. The company has a presence in South Korea through KSNET, which provides card processing, banking value-added network services and payment gateways. Overall, Net1 has over 30 million cards in issue across 10 countries.

  • Net 1 shares have a secondary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), with Net 1 share price dipping sharply on the bourse of late.

Net 1 UEPS Technologies Shares Growth Driver

  • The group is structured into various business clusters including Transactional Solutions, Hardware & Software Sales, Financial Services and Corporate.

  • Company growth is driven by continuing growth levels in areas such as online transactions and mobile payments, with the group offering a vast portfolio of relevant products and services. Customers have proved more than willing to buy into Net 1’s services. The group recorded a record operating profit of $128 million in 2015, with substantial increases across all core businesses, particularly mobile-based prepaid and financial services and KSNET. South African transaction processing delivered $237 million of revenue, with operating margin improving from 16% to 22%. International transaction processing grew by $12 million and margins were up to 16% from 14%, primarily driven by organic growth at KSNET.

  • Financial inclusion and applied technologies had off the chart growth of 71% to $273 million, driven by mobile-based prepaid sales and expansion of financial services.

  • The group’s solid results came hand-in-hand with solid increases in dividends paid out to shareholders.

Net 1 UEPS Technologies Group Investor Tip

  • Net 1 shares have enjoyed a strong share price history on the JSE, acting as a solid rand hedge buy for investors. Net 1 share price has however dipped sharply of late, from highs of R280 in 2015 to R135 by September 2016, due to uncertainties about securing some of its major revenue streams in South Africa. The company has warned that the explosive growth experienced in the past will stall in the short to medium-term, but Net 1 shares still look to be a promising buy for investors willing to wait for long-term returns.

Net 1 UEPS Technologies Major Shareholders

International Value Advisers, Allan Gray.

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    Specialty Finance

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    Consumer Finance

How to buy Net 1 UEPS Technologies Group Shares

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