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Background of Netcare

  • Netcare Limited is an investment and holding company that operates the largest private healthcare networks both in South Africa and the United Kingdom. In South Africa, Netcare offers a wide range of healthcare products and specialities, boasting the largest private hospital, primary healthcare, emergency services and renal care networks.

  • In December 1996, Netcare Limited was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), operating 4 hospitals. At present, the company operates 54 private hospitals, 5 public/private partnership hospitals, 95 primary healthcare centres, 97 Netcare emergency sites, 63 renal dialysis units and 7 training facilities. Globally, the company has almost 29,000 employees.

  • Netcare Limited owns major shares in the Tsepong consortium in Lesotho (a public/private partnership with the local government). As part of the consortium, Netcare operates a 425 bed hospital, three clinics and a primary healthcare centre in Lesotho. The company intends to keep on expanding into the public/private partnership (PPP) arena, so as to improve the national healthcare standards of those countries in which the company operates.

Netcare Shares Growth Driver

  • Netcare is driven by a passion to expand and enhance healthcare for all people. The company saw great expansion over the past 22 years, because they worked with a vision to develop and implement better healthcare solutions in hospitals, clinics and primary healthcare centres. The company greatly relies on the expertise of its employees and prides itself in the fact that all of the staff members are well qualified for their positions within the healthcare system and they treat their patients with respect and in confidentiality.

  • The South African operations have benefitted from strong demand for private healthcare services, despite the slow economic growth in the country. Other divisions also had steady performance. Demand for private healthcare in South Africa is expected to remain resilient, and efficiency benefits are expected from IT and automation projects being implemented. Capital expenditure of R2 billion has been earmarked for completion of the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital and other expansion projects, as well as expansions to Netcare’s service offerings.

  • The company stays up to date with international medical science and continually upgrades their hospitals, so as to provide cutting edge medical technology to aid the company in saving lives. Keeping up to date with the international healthcare community and providing modern medical technology in their hospitals gives the Netcare group the ability to retain their highly specialised staff members. This makes the Netcare hospitals in South Africa sought after, even by patients from South Africa’s neighbouring countries and higher up in Africa. Patients are willing to travel far to get the right treatment for their specific problem and Netcare has ensured that their hospitals and
    clinics are well stocked and well taken care of, so as to build a reputation for good healthcare services. Building and maintaining a Reputation for saving lives gave Netcare the drive and capital to grow into the major healthcare company it is today, and will enable them to keep on expanding in the future. All of the Netcare hospitals are in line with the Department of Health’s National Core Standards.

  • Apart from all the hospitals that fall under the Netcare group, the company also operates the Netcare 911 Emergency services and Akeso, a  Group of behavioural healthcare specialists and facilities.

Netcare Group Investor Tip

  • Netcare Limited will keep on effective, efficient and high quality healthcare. The company strives to continually improve by developing their staff, improving their systems and facilities and by strategically planning their growth and profitability.

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How to buy Netcare Group Shares

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