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Nutritional Holdings shares

Background of Nutritional Holdings

  • Nutritional Holdings is a South African group involved in the manufacture and distribution of fortified dry food products, supplements, pharmaceutical products, complementary natural medicines and water purification products.

  • The group’s structure comprises three business units – Nutritional Foods, Impilo Drugs and water purification business Impilo Health Solutions. Nutritional Foods has its main manufacturing facility in Klerksdorp, and provides an extensive range of food products to catering companies, schools, mining houses, feeding schemes, hospitals and prisons. The business also supplies cereals, soups and soft drinks for the retail and wholesale markets. Products are distributed throughout South Africa via a branch and sales agent network.

  • Impilo Drugs markets basic family healthcare products via a licensing agreement with Avid Brands, which manufactures and distributes products directly to pharmacies. Impilo is paid a 10% royalty from sales, supported by guaranteed minimum turnover targets. Impilo Health Solutions distributes water purification products for sale in retail chains such as Mass Mart and Game.

  • Nutritional Holdings shares are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSEwith a market cap of R70 million, but the live online stocks chart reflects a stagnating Nutritional Holdings share price.

Nutritional Holdings Shares Growth Driver

  • Nutritional Holdings has struggled to make sustainable profits throughout its history. Nutritional Holdings share price has yo-yoed between 1 and 2 cents per share since 2013, with investors understandably reluctant to buy the stocks.

  • The group suffered a R13 million loss in 2013 and another R6 million was lost in 2014. Data was slightly better for the 2015 financial year, with a profit of R1.7 million. But the latest financial report for 2016 showed that the group had once again slipped back to a R5.4 million loss.

  • For the past several years, the board has said that a turnaround strategy is being implemented and is bearing fruit in terms of improving efficiencies and reducing costs, but the financial performance of the group does not support these statements. The group is facing adverse market conditions due to increases in the price of basic foods, whilst it is also struggling to secure buy in from a viable investment partner.

  • The company is seeking opportunities to unlock the full potential of its Klerksdorp factory. Meanwhile, the board anticipates that the water crisis in South Africa will lead to a growth in sales of water purification products. Management is reportedly focusing on ways to improve routes to market and is looking at opportunities in Africa outside South Africa. Expansion will be carried out cautiously until the group has established sustainable profitability. Until that stage, investors who buy Nutritional Holdings shares will not receive any dividends.

Nutritional Holdings Group Investor Tip

  • For the past few years, management has assured shareholders that the company has turned a corner and will experience some positive outcomes the following year. Unfortunately, this statement has yet to be reflected in the company’s results. With Nutritional Holdings share price hovering at just above zero, it is unlikely that any investors will be tempted to buy the shares.

Nutritional Holdings Major Shareholders

Philisani, Pop Up Tading 39, Zustonelli.

  • Sector

    Health Care

  • Industry

    Biotech & Pharma

  • Sub industry

    Specialty Pharma

How to buy Nutritional Holdings Group Shares

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